Nope… Not Thursday

The last couple of days have seemed to go by SO slowly.  I completely thought today was Thursday until 3:30 when my kids informed me that no, they do not have a word study test tomorrow… insert eye roll and “Miss B is so dumb” thoughts.

Yesterday one of my kids from last year brought me a gift.


Granted, the stem was cut short and I had no place to put it so it died during the course of the day… but it’s the thought that counts, right? 

Today’s workout and yesterday’s workout were 100% alike:

5 mile run at 8:30 pace plus .5 mile run at 7:00 pace and a 20 minute bike ride… and even though I was at the gym and could have easily lifted, I did not.  Why do I hate lifting so much???   How can I get myself to like it more… or just actually do it every now and then?  Like, I’d like to think I can make myself lift for more than 10 minutes a week.  Any chances of that really happening or do I have too much faith in myself?

Tonight, I made this soup for dinner:

olde westporte

Of course, I first heard about this company on, and because I’m addicted to bloggers and things they think are cool, I ordered this soup and the ministrone soup.  One million percent worth it.  Delicious and super easy.  All I did was add some chicken, diced tomatoes and a can of corn…. and I let the stove do the magic of cooking.

Speaking of being addicted to bloggers and things they think are cool, www.runningoffthereeses just ran the Chicago marathon in these shorts:

north face shorts

The North Face  Better Than Naked shorts… (athlete recommended, apparently).   She made it through the marathon, so I’m hoping they have magic powers and help me make it through the marathon….because I just ordered them.  They look a little longer than I like, so I hope they’re worth it.  I found them really cheap on fyi.  Not paying $50 for shorts I don’t even know work.

They’re supposedly totally awesome and it’s like running naked… although the thought of running naked grosses me out a little bit.  I’ll let you know.  I just like excuses to buy and try new things…and perhaps one day some people will send me free shit to try out, hint hint.

If anyone has any contacts to anything that is awesome, let me know.  Happy Hump Day!

Oh, and if anyone has any clever or funny/ awesome ideas for Halloween costumes… let me know.  I’m drawing a blank this year.


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