Muggy Run

Wow, it was muggy this afternoon.  Muggy and buggy. 

I did a quick five mile run after school today, and it made me realize my love/ hate relationship with running outside… because I used to be a treadmill girl all the way.. sliz.

1.  I love running outside (especially with my Garmin) because I can change up my routes and there’s a lot of stuff to look at and keep my mind busy.  I also love the feeling of running up hard hills and getting to go back down them (honestly, I really just like the running downhill part).

2.  I hate running outside because, let’s be honest, sometimes it just sucks.  It was so freaking muggy and gross outside today that I felt like I was breathing in seven gallons of water each breath.  I also ate about a million bugs and my eyes started stinging when I got sweaty. 

This is what my chest looked like when I got home… those are bugs… not freckles.  And this is just the part you can see… think about all the ones that got stuck in my chest sweat and slid down my bra.  Because that was gross.


Today at school we got a sweet surprise from the principal- hot apple cider and pumpkin muffins.. YUM.  

cider muffins

I know, they kind of look like meatballs.

You can bet that I ate those muffins… tops, that is.  My theory is, the muffin tops aren’t as bad for you as the muffin bottom… so, my guilt level was low after eating them.

Speaking of, I’m ready to start a bakery.  It’s going to be called The Muffin Top.  Original, no, but delicious, yes.  Tiff- whenever you want to quit your high paying and highly respected teaching job, I am ready.  

I’ve decided I’m going to try that dang 20 miler again on Saturday.  I’m starting to mentally freak out that I might not be able to do it on my own.  So, I’ve decided to really watch what my intake is these days before…and I have to say, it was extremely hard to ignore the brain balls and other candies on my desk today.  Extremely. 


Now, I know I ate some muffins (tops, that is), but I’m trying to limit my gazillion grams of sugar intake per day… so, no ice cream, no candy, no peanut butter chips (delicious).  And I’m trying to lower my intake of fiber and eat a shit ton of protein and carbs.

Because now I feel like it’s me verses that B of a stomach of mine.  And I want to win.  Any suggestions?



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6 responses to “Muggy Run

  1. michelle (your PIC's running pal)

    I have the BEST pumpkin muffin recipe that is totally guilt free.

    Ingredients: one box of spice cake mix, one 15oz can of pure pumpkin, cinnamon.

    Stir together until throughly mixed. It will be thick. put in mini muffin tin (use paper cups for easy removal). sprinkle cinnamon on top.
    Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Eat Eat Eat!

    mini muffins are about 35-40 cals each and no sugar or fat. super easy. super duper yummy.

    Good luck on your 20 tomorrow!!!

    • sarah

      this sounds delicious, but, unfortunately, i am unable to contain myself around a plate of mini-muffins. i must eat 5. or all 12.

    • Hey! Heard you were running the Colombus marathon in Indiana this weekend… So is one of my bestest friends, Kelly!! It’s her first marathon! She’s tiny (like maybe 5 feet tall) and blonde (the real blonde, not fake blonde like me), so if you on the off chance happen to meet anyone named Kelly it might be her!

      I’ve seen that recipe before and am definitely trying it this weekend… perhaps tonight!

      Good luck in your marathon! Have fun!

  2. Kara

    You can do it!!!! Though I have never ran even close to 20 miles, I can tell you on my 10 mile runs a bathroom break was almost always necessary…and if I waited too long my stomach was a B too! So if you stop as soon as you need to you could be like a horse taking a D before a race…always a good bet (almost as good as betting on the #4 horse for every race). TMI…probably not!

    We will miss you tomorrow 😦 but I will be sure to make a bet or two in your honor.

  3. Leah

    I’m bored with pasta – I need ideas on protein and carbs too! Good luck tomorrow – while you are killing it on the 20 miler I will be freaking out on my 10 miler!!!!



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