Great Friday

But let’s be honest, most Fridays are great.

Today, though, I found this on my desk (after berating my P.i.C. for bringing candy to school to eat in front of me when she knows I’m trying to steer clear of pure sugar)…


Does she know me or what?  Seriously.. this made my day.  I will be setting them on the side of the tub until my super awesome ice bath tomorrow.  Maybe the peanut butter will take my mind off my frozen legs.

And, besides getting candy to refuel tomorrow, we had 22 girls come to our fitness club today!  That’s 4 whole more than last week… looks like we’re getting popular.  We did some relays and ran a mile today… huge accomplishment for some of them!  And, it makes for happy teachers, too Smile

This afternoon when I got home from work I decided I needed something semi sweet and delicious.  So, I made these muffins, recommended to me by Michelle (and I think I’ve seen on too)!

spice pumpkin

1 box spice cake mix

1 can of pure pumpkin

Mix, put in mini muffin tins, bake at 350* for 15 minutes… cinnamon sprinkle and voila!  You’ve got healthy and delicious one bite muffins!  SO good.  And I’d like to think I’ll have some after the weekend is over.. but chances are… probably not.

I also decided today that I’m going to eat something different before my long run tomorrow- less fiber, more protein and more carbs.  I’m sick of pasta (probably because I can’t drown it in cheese like I’d like), so I’m having Jimmy Johns Country Club (minus the mayo).  Apparently it has 44g of protein and 69g of carbs.  Is that good?  Whatever, it tastes good… and that’s where I’m at in my choices right now. 

CORRECTION.  Jimmy Johns will not deliver to me anymore… even though they did a few weeks ago.  I’m so sad.

So, I had my usual pasta.  BORING.


I also planned a route tomorrow that has multiple pit stop areas if needed… in safe(r) places, so the possibility of getting mugged and left for dead is low.  I’m trying to be super positive right now, because after last week I’m still a bit scared.  I also had a lot of people tell me nice things today, so that helps the confidence level. 

So- wish me luck!!! Hopefully I’ll live to tell the tale this time…


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