I win

It was me versus my stomach versus my legs versus 20 miles… and I WON!!!!

20 miles!

20 miles in 3:15!!! 

So happy I completed this run, because I started out really nervous since I didn’t complete 20 last week.  However, I did get to run with my BETTER THAN NAKED (and yes, they really, really were) shorts, so that got me going a little. 


(Plus my ipod and water bottle… bet I’d run faster if I didn’t have all this extra weight.)

So, today I started out just before 6… feeling pretty good for the first five miles.  Then, my stomach had other plans.  Bitch.  I kept running until I got to 8, where I knew there’d be a porto available.  Um… it was locked.  LOCKED.  You can imagine how disappointed I was. 

I kept going until mile 9 where I took a quick break in Kroger (guess not eating candy for 2 whole days didn’t do much to help) and then kept going.  I was really just trying to get to the 2:30 time mark, because from the minutes of 2:00 to 2:30 I start to feel hopeless.  At this point I didn’t even look at Garmin (who was seriously on her best behavior today, I love you Garmin)…. I just wanted to get to 2:31, because then I knew I had less than an hour left.  During that time I just kept telling myself, “Laura was in labor for 20+ hours yesterday.  You can run 20 miles.  You didn’t have a baby coming out of your lady parts.. you can run 20 miles. www.eatwatchrun.com is running 24 miles… you can run 20 miles.  Kelly’s running her first marathon tomorrow…you can run 20 miles.” 

This was my mantra during the entire last 5 miles of the run. 

It worked, because I completed them.

At 18 I had to stop again to refill my water bottle (and make sure that B of a stomach of mine wasn’t going to give out on the last 2 miles) and… I made it.  In 5 minutes less than my goal.  Take that, throngs of runners that make me feel dumb each week.

And I’m sure I looked like an idiot because literally, I was smiling from ear to ear and probably creeping out anyone who saw me on the street.

+++Quick Note:  I will only buy Better Than Naked North Face shorts from this moment on.  They were incredibly comfortable, like I was wearing clouds and rainbows mixed into one amazing short.  Added bonus- there were no embarrassing sweat marks anywhere when I was done.  Not a one.  I love you North Face, and, who knew?  Seriously, who knew you made anything other than winter/ hiking gear?

Per my usual, I went and soaked my leggies in a nice iceberg bath for 10 minutes when I got home…


And I ate my Reese’s in the tub.  Just keeping it classy. If there wasn’t peanut butter smeared all over my face I’d show you… but I do have my limits on embarrassing things I’ll post. 

After a nice, HOT shower I went and met my PiC for brunch where I stuffed my face and…. guess what?  I’m still hungry. 

THANKS for all the nice thoughts and words and candy… because it helped.  And now I cannot wait until race day… because I know I can finish. 

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”
— Sven Goran Eriksson


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One response to “I win

  1. Kerry

    Wahoo!! YOU ROCK!! So proud of you!! I knew you could do it!

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