Congratulations and Beautiful Day…

… but I spent most of it inside, on the couch, icing my foot and chowing down on Excedrin and carbs.

Wow.  I woke up SO sore today….and super hungry.

After my run yesterday, I walked a couple of miles throughout the day, and thought I’d be okay because I kept my legs loose.  Unfortunately, I am a dummy and know nothing.

When I got up today my right foot was killing me- the arch is so sore.  I’m hoping that maybe I just need new insoles for my shoes…and that nothing terribly important is wrong.  It feels okay now, but I’ve been icing throughout the day.   I’ve also had the worst headache all day- maybe because of dehydration?  I don’t know.  Very annoying to have a hangover like headache when you didn’t even get to enjoy a million beers.

I finally dragged (aka half ran/ half walked the miles there and back) and did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the bike… and did my weekly lifting.  My legs weren’t as sore as I’d expect, but it was tough to get started, that’s for sure.

When I got home I went and got this….

joes inn greek

Homemade feta with a Greek salad.  It also came with a loaf of bread… which is just about gone as well.  Fatty.

And then I snuggled with this…


And I finished some movies, watched some Dexter and did nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  And I still have a headache and my foot still hurts.. but I’m calling it a win for the day.

Today I also think I replenished all the calories I burned yesterday because I

Oh well.. that’s why I run, right?  So I can justify all my carb eating Smile 

Also, I want to wish a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Kelly for running in the Columbus, OH marathon today- her first!!!  She is a rockstar!!



So proud of you, Kell!!! 

Can’t wait until Nov. 12 so I can join the marathoner club!



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3 responses to “Congratulations and Beautiful Day…

  1. Your kitty is soooo adorable and I am totally not a cat person. But I love fluffy, gray ones big time.

  2. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    so your foot hurts? what’s the mileage on your shoes? they max out around 300 miles for most people. if you’re planning to buy new ones before richmond, do it NOW!
    also, don’t forget to put the right kind of food back into your body. 30-40 minutes is the window for putting back some carbs/protein to get your muscles to start the repair process and to keep your metabolism rocking. banana/pb and some choc milk are great starts. seriously, do it right away. then do your ice bath and have a normal sized lunch. even though you just burned like 2000 cals, you should keep your nutrition in mind as you’re putting the cals back in. it pays off on race day. reloading on bacon cheeseburgers doesn’t help!
    and lastly, congrats to your friend. I ran Columbus yesterday too! tell her to take a minute a write down her thoughts/feelings about the race and her training. they are really awesome to read down the road.

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