Don’t Worry… I’m Fine

I know you all were super concerned about me since I didn’t post yesterday… but never fear, I’m alive and… well!

Yesterday, my terrible headache continued (the one I woke up with on Sunday) and  slowly worked it’s way through my head and made a little home  behind my eye until today around noon.   


That, plus the fact that I thought I might be getting shin splits, convinced me to skip my 5 mile run yesterday and take a nap instead.  So, I got my favorite napping buddy (Derby, of course) and we snuggled until it was time to get up and pick up my fave from the airport.

After another sleepless night because of the pounding in my skull, I finally got some migraine medicine this morning and thankfully, I finally I feel like a human again. 

My kids were pretty concerned about me… mainly because I was irritable and mean and every other negative adjective they know (which is a lot when you count the Spanish words as well).  Luckily, the meanest thing I did was move their clips to a “bad” color.  I know what you’re thinking- you definitely don’t want to be in my class.  Scary stuff.

This little note brightened my day though… and I have to say, when kids are sweet and empathetic, they can even make this migraine infected teacher smile.

miss b love

Obviously we need to review capitalization…

Today after school I finally talked myself into going for a run, which, I have to be honest, was really difficult considering it was super easy to just take a nap yesterday.  Buuuuuuuut I decided that with less than a month left until the marathon I better just stick with the plan from now on. 

Damn plan.  Damn marathon.  I really enjoyed that nap.

I ended up going for an 8 mile “run”/ jog because it was so nice out this afternoon and I was feeling pretty rested.  I did slow my pace a bit from my recent 8 milers, and averaged a little over 9 minutes/ mile.   I kept trying myself to just appreciate the fact that I can run, and it’s nice out, and my legs still are working even after all the misery I’ve put them through lately.  I got home and immediately got a really bad Charlie horse in my left leg that has yet to let up… I really hope I didn’t pull something important. 

I also got home and counted the bugs in the sweat on my chest and face… it came to 15 visible ones, plus 7 that had fallen down into the girls house.  Super gross.  I also stopped counting the ones I ate/ choked on/ flew down my throat at 6 during my run.   I was trying to enjoy the run, not estimate how much protein I was ingesting. 


And tonight for dinner I attempted to make omelets….which turned out to be just vegetables, sausage and eggs in a messy looking mix.  No picture… they kind of looked like vom, but tasted great!  I’m all about taste… not presentation…which is one main reason this isn’t a food blog.  Not only would you get sick of hearing me eat the same things everyday, but you’d probably be turned off many a food based on their terrible pictures.  You’re welcome.    

I’ll leave you with what I woke up to watch this morning while I was getting ready…


And if you’re wondering… there was no clear winner. 


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  1. I’ve had a crazy headache the past 2 days too and I’m wondering if I’m not drinking enough water since I usually don’t get them at all. I think I’m going to take your nap que for tonight and rest. BTW, thanks for the Bic Band girl! Sparkly green goes well with this redhead. 🙂

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