I woke up early this morning to get my run in… only so I could go to happy hour after work.  Priorities, people.

I decided I’d feel less guilty drinking beers at 4pm on a Wednesday if I got a run in prior to work.  So, I dragged my body to Golds, where only the 100% dedicated / 100% crazy/ 100% meatheads wake up before the sun on a random day to get some endorphins flowing.  My left leg was still bothering me (still feeling like I pulled something or just have a really, really, extra long lasting Charlie horse) so I did a slow 5 miles plus abs and arms.  I told myself I had to run at least 2 miles, then I could go chill on the elliptical if I couldn’t make it any longer…but after getting sucked into the latest US Weekly I made it 45 minutes on the tready. 

And I must say, as terrible as it was waking up before over half of the city, it was a great feeling to have the workout done so this afternoon I didn’t have to worry about trying to fit it in between my Amstel lights. 


It was a decently productive Wednesday at work, although I have no idea how I’m ever going to figure out how to explain rounding numbers to kids that aren’t 100% positive on how to count forward or backward.  Challenge accepted. 

I also saw my new best friend.


Now if only I could figure out how to creepily stalk this person until they wave to me… you know, the little wave that says, “You’re a chosen one too.  Yes, yes I could spot you from a mile away.  Let’s pull over and discuss our awesomeness.”

Unfortunately, all I know how to do is drive really close and smile as if to say, “Please be my friend.  Please.”

It hasn’t worked yet… but maybe it will one day.

So, back to the workout… question- How can I stretch the muscle that is right behind my knee (hammy I think, but not down by my ankle.. up near my knee)?  Is that something I have to just rest, or can I just stretch it and workout/ run through it?


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