Swedish Fish

…are what I’m spending my evening with.  I decided that although yes, last week I gave up pure sugar for 2 days before my long run to avoid any sort of bathroom  mishap, this week I’m going to chance it.  Living on the wild side.. things are getting crazy around here.

swedish fish 3

I’m just going to give up sugar all day tomorrow… That is, if I remember that when I’m grabbing skittles by the handful.

Hopefully that will be good enough for a 13-15 mile run on Saturday morning.  Last longest run before the marathon wooo!

Today’s run was a short/ quick/ lead legged 5 miles.  My legs felt like concrete blocks.  I started out feeling great, but just never seemed to loosen up.  When I finished, the weird pain in the back of my leg started up again… but I stretched for 3.9 seconds and am feeling a bit better now.

For some reason I’ve been completely out of it today.  I realized this afternoon 45 minutes after I threw my laundry in the washer that although yes, I started it, I forgot to put detergent in.  Um.  Those sweaty clothes won’t clean themselves, that’s for sure.


So.. it’s been that kind of day.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.  Not only is it my free day off (workout wise, too bad it’s not actually work wise- that would be amazing), but it means that it’s one day closer to Saturday, which is my new favorite day since as of late my Fridays are consumed with pasta eating and early bedtimes.


Will I ever get good enough at running that I won’t have to change my entire life to do it?



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3 responses to “Swedish Fish

  1. My favorite thing in the world these days are my Friday nights because they seem like the only night where I just go home, relax, and get some sleep! Lame, sure, but I love them!

    • Don’t get me wrong… typically on a Friday night I’m so exhausted that I go to bed earlier than normal anyway! But… I’d like to have the option of staying up past 11! 🙂

  2. Leah

    Aaaaaaand this Saturday you get to hang out with MEEEEEE!

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