Three (Random) Things Thursday 5

1. Yesterday when I was at the gym at the a-crack of dawn getting my run in (don’t feel bad, it was only so I could go to happy hour after school… I’ll do almost anything to drink more beers), I saw on CNN that a shit ton of exotic animals had escaped from some weird habitat/ preserve/ someone’s yard in Ohio.


I mean, that stinks and all, and it’s semi scary knowing there’s a ton of cheetahs running loose… but, how come I can never get a day off school because of runaway animals?

Surprise kids!!! No school today… no, it didn’t snow in October… but Old Man Henry’s animals escaped. Free day off.



2. Lindsey Lohan was taken into custody. Again. For missing not one, but NINE community service appointments.


I mean really, NINE times? How on earth did she get this far in life?  For real… you would think she’d be smart enough to hire someone to make sure she got somewhere. Or that she’d get a look alike to do the work for her. How dumb can she be at this point?

Good news though- she posted bail (a measly $100,000) and is back out in the world.


3. Neiman Marcus has a holiday gift catalog, in which they unveil the holiday fantasy gifts.  Obvi these gifts aren’t a  new pair of running shoes or even a new i-pod… they’re much, much, much more elaborate.

For instance… You can spend $75,000 to buy a new yurt. 

If you’re from Kentucky like me, or if you are not a billionaire (although let me know if you are… I’d like to think billionaires have time to read this lowly little blog between spa appointments), you might not know what a yurt is.

I give you….  a yurt.


It’s like a tent, but with a chandelier and designer pillows. 

Now, if it were me, if I’m in a tent, there’s probably (not 100% unlikely, but 99% unlikely) going to be no chandelier… but if I can afford a tent with a chandelier… I’m not going to be hanging out in the backyard in my tent. 

Make sense?



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4 responses to “Three (Random) Things Thursday 5

  1. We have a series of yurts here in Colorado called the Never Summer Nordic Yurts. They are open in the summer for groups backpacking and in the winter for skiiers, etc. I’ve always wanted to stay in one!

  2. I read about that crazy dude and all of the animals….UN-BELIEVABLE!
    PS. just discovered your blog and I love. I am so happy that you have your priorities straight and run early so you can enjoy happy hour….you are my kind of person!

  3. I still dont get what the heck a yurt is…thats just plain weird!

    They need to put Lindsay Lohan in jail. For real. Clearly she doesnt learn anything!

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