I Might…


I am having lots of second and third and fourth thoughts about running the marathon in 3 weeks.

Last night, I attempted my long run for the week after work.  My reasons were 3 fold- A) I didn’t want to have to wake up early and run in the cold this morning, 2) I wanted to be able to stay up past 10 and D) I really wanted a Friday beer (which by the way, I didn’t get).

Today is going to be a long, fun day, so I didn’t want to have to worry about fitting 2 hours of running in… Good plan, right?

Let’s just say that 11 miles in (of 13), something horrible, terrible, no good, very bad happened.  If you’re guessing it involves….

a.  stomach rumblings/ everything that goes with it

b. vom

c. light headedness/ almost passing out  OR

d. all of the above

…you would have been right if you had guessed D. 

Again, don’t want to scatter your brain with grossness, but holy mother of baby cheeses, and after two hours of choice D, I don’t know if I can do it.   I am so incredibly frustrated, upset, and just basically discouraged about everything. 

I’ve put in 15 long weeks of training…15 difficult weeks where my body has ached…15 weeks of backing down on social events because “I have to get up early and run”. 

My biggest fear is that what if this happened on race day?  When I’m ten miles away from home and stuck in a porta potty?  When it takes all of my energy just to sit upright?   When the thought of doing anything other than lie on the ground makes me want to slit my wrists.

So… there’s going to be a lot of soul searching going on in the next week. 

In the meantime, if you have any advice whatsoever, please help! 

I’m typically really good about my eating… but lately, I have been eating way too much sugar.  Sugar in candy, sugar in ice cream, fake sugar in diet coke… So, from now on (starting tomorrow) actually, I’m eliminating most sugar from my diet. 


No, not kidding unfortunately.  Yesterday this little puppy made it’s way into my tummy…along with some candy corn, diet coke…and the list goes on. 

So I’m giving it all up to see if things change.  It’s like Lent all over again.

Except I’m giving myself a free pass on Halloween.  Sorry, I’ve got priorities.

halloween candy

Plus, you cannot even imagine the debauchery that goes on in schools on Halloween.  There is no way I have enough willpower to say no.  It’s going to be a stretch to stop eating candy corn and sweet tarts.


That’s where I’m at right now.  Contemplating quitting, not because I don’t think my legs can do it, or that I’m not in shape enough… but because I have yet to figure out (after all these years of dealing with it) how to manage my stomach and it’s amazing awesomeness.  I’m going to change my diet and hope that next weeks long run is a success as much as a 12 mile success can be. 

And, three weeks without sugar may make me irritable and crazy… so I apologize in advance.



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10 responses to “I Might…

  1. Brooker

    Kat, you will run this marathon and kick its ass. Doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a port-o-pot halfway through the race or not. You’re not putting in all this effort and then quitting. So you will finish this race, young lady, regardless of whether you make a few pit stops along the way or not. Capiche? I’ve said my peace. Love you! Brooker

  2. Aww, I’m sorry! You know, I’ve heard of a lot of runners that will take Immodium or something before a long run. I’ve never done it (other than in 3rd world countries!) but some people swear by it. Could be worth a try. Or maybe you’re sugar elimination will work better! Keep the faith, girlfriend!

  3. I can’t wait to talk to you post-marathon and hear about how awesome you did and how you can’t believe you thought about quitting at one point. This is one little setback. You’re a badass!

  4. leah

    Absolutely not letting you quit!!! You cut out the sugar and look how you handed 20 the stank eye last week!!! Just keep it up. Yeah its gonna suck not eating sugar but its totally worth it once u cross the finish line! You have gone way to far to give up. Its just not allowed! I believe in you! See you in a few hours to talk nerdy runner talk! Xoxox

  5. Kara

    Awwwww! Its like childhood birthday parties all over again! …maybe it really is the sugar. You can do it!! You have worked so hard, you deserve to run 26.2 miles 🙂

  6. Rachel

    There is no way you are quitting. You will hate yourself and regret it! You can do it because you are awesome and one of the most in shape people I know! You are my running hero! Do it for the little people RDK! Don’t go for speed sister…go for the finish!

  7. Tara

    I think you just need to go with what you think is best for your body. I suffer a lot from digestive upsets myself. I’ve played around with my diet….for me cutting out sugar and caffeine made all the difference in the world. You feel worse in the beginning though, as your body is going thru withdrawals from sugar…..at least mine did. I’ve gone 4 weeks now without sugar and my body and digestive system thanks me. I have no doubt you can do this marathon if you want it. It sounds like you’ve prepared….and we all get discouraged……mental strength may be needed….but I stand behind whatever you decide!

    • Thanks for the suggestion… I don’t think I can cut the caffeine just yet, but I’m going to try the no sugar. I am obviously going to still be eating things with sugar in them- but going to try to cut out desserts, candy, etc 100%. I eat a ton of fruit and dried fruit, and maybe that’s something I need to cut back on as welll.
      Thanks for the support! I’m hoping this will help so I can still run!

  8. Today in my running group, a guy that’s run a couple marathons told me to not worry about the what-ifs and try to have a good time during the race. I know that’s easy said than done, but I think it’s our expectations that make things go sour…like our stomachs!
    And honestly, I really think cutting down your sugar is going to help your stomach problems. It did for me! I still eat a crap load of it but never before or during a run. NEVER. Before I figured out the no sugar thing, I only ran 2 of 9 half marathons without stomach problems and both of them involved no sugar now that I look back at it. So good luck! Your next run will be better.

  9. Regina Philange

    First of all…you can do it and you will do it. As far as stomach issues, have you tried drinking mint tea? Mint will help soothe your stomach. Maybe you can do it a couple hours before your run. I’d obviously try it out before the actual marathon but could be worth a shot.

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