Only after an hour and eight minutes…

…do I get the documents (I think) I need from the bank to prove that I no longer owe anyone money on my car.  This hour and eight minutes does not include the 40 minutes I was on the phone this morning trying to figure out my old account number (because apparently it’s so ‘old’—try two years—that it’s no longer in the system), or the time I was on the phone with the DMV clarifying what I need to register my car.

What are the odds I go into the DMV tomorrow, and after clarifying three times, still have the wrong documents?  I’d say at least 40%.  Especially since I’m going to the DMV downtown.  Sweet.


Moral of the story…. You need to get things done and crack some heads?  Definitely call this girl. 

Luckily, it’s still college week, and I got to wear jeans and a t-shirt today.   And, walk into this amazingly beautiful door dedicated to our (my partner in crime and mine) colleges, plus, the most amazing basketball school of all time.

college week door

Obvi Kentucky is front and center.  Expect nothing less.

Soooooooooooooo anyway, this morning started out with an early trip to the gym to run 5 miles.  It was super chilly outside, but it felt awesome and helped me wake up for sure.  After my run, I went to the secret girls room at the gym (yes, it’s old, but I just discovered it) to do my arms and abs.  Seriously love this room… I think it might change the way I workout- there’s no one in there ever, and I can lift and look stupid alone without the judgmental eyes of the meat heads.  So, I got my 35 knee push ups in, plus a little biceps and triceps.  Feeling strong……..ish.

I actually love working out in the morning before work, and I wish I had the motivation to do it more often.  I love having it done before work and having the afternoon to deal with stupid people.  In the summer, I usually get up and go before breakfast, but it’s tough now with having longer runs to complete.  I’m all for getting up early, but I’m not getting up 2+ hours in earlier to workout.  Need my beauty sleep.

On the sugar front- I avoided the candy jar/ drawer/ packs that were passed out today.  Three days… feeling good and feeling strong.  Sort of.  I have eaten fruit and had some yogurt… but I’m really trying to avoid all candy and pure sugar and stuff like that.  My stomach is feeling okay, so I might try my 12 mile run tomorrow afternoon since it’s going to be beautiful. 


(For some reason that picture really makes me want a s’more.  Fatty.)

This will be the last long-ish run before the marathon, so on one hand that is an amazing feeling, but on the other, I’m like- um… it’s in 2.5 weeks…shouldn’t I be doing more than this??? 

Any marathoners have any advice?  I’m still following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate plan… but I feel like I’m tapering too soon… ?



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2 responses to “Only after an hour and eight minutes…

  1. Michelle (your other half's running buddy)

    You are right on track with the tapering. 2-3 weeks is ideal and though it’s tough, stick with it. You’ve been putting your body through hell the last few months and it needs rest. You’re going to get itchy to run, cranky from not running, doubtful, fearful, moody… you name it, you’ll feel it. Basically, you’re going to go all batshit crazy! But stick to your plan. Fight the demons. Stay active with other light exercise and stretching and start planning your execution. Taper weeks are the time to stay focused, stick to your plan and put the demon back to in his little box. Focus on the things your are going to do and you WILL achieve your goal. Promise, promise, promise.

    You’ll also want to think about your calorie intake. It’s easy to forget that you aren’t burning as many calories during taper weeks. Its normal to gain a bit (think 2-3lbs or so) during the last week of taper as you’re carbing up for race day. But be mindful of how much/what you’re eating these next two weeks to limit the lbs.

    The hardest part of the taper weeks is the mental part. Spend the next two weeks thinking about how great you’re going to feel when you finish. Practice LOTS of visualization, picturing yourself running strong and conquering those “tough” miles. Think about what you’re going to do to show off your medal and how you’re going to treat yourself (massage? pedi? yes and yes!). Get a few mantras in your mind that you’ll tell yourself during the race. Sounds silly but it really does help. And start going to be a few minutes earlier each night. Nothing major but just an extra 10 minutes more each night.

    Just remember that you’re not alone (we’ve ALL been there) and we’re here to talk you off the ledge!

  2. My taper in my running group is 3 weeks long, so you’re not tapering too early. Don’t you worry! I’ll be interested to hear how your run goes now that you’re cutting back on the sugar.

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