Three (Random) Things Thursday 6

1.  Yay or Nay… Deborah Bradley definitely had something to do with the disappearance of baby Lisa.


My humble opinion… yay.


2.  The chair from PeeWee Herman used to scare the shit out of me.  Seriously.  What a scary f-ing chair.  Whose great idea was it to put a kid chewing chair on a kids show??  God, I mean, that mouth can open so wide it can eat an entire kid.

That’s what she said. He said.


I am definitely going to have nightmares tonight.

3.  Sister Wives Kody Brown just had his 17th kid with his 4th wife. 

sister wives

Keep it up, Mr. Brown… Catching up with the Duggars, slowly but surely.


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One response to “Three (Random) Things Thursday 6

  1. I finally just saw Sister Wives the other day and it was like a train wreck–I absolutely couldn’t look away!!!

    PS That chair is terrifying. You’re completely justified!

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