This weather…

makes me want to curl into a ball on my bed and never leave.


It is gross outside.  40 degrees and rainy is not the weather I like to see.  Or the weather that gets me up and motivated to go to the gym…or anywhere else.

Yesterday’s workout and today’s workout were pretty much the same (thanking God right now I did my longer run earlier this week because there ain’t no way I would be running for 2 hours in this mess).  I did 5 and 6 mile runs, plus abs and arms.  When I say I did my arms I mean I did 35 girl push ups.  And light, light, basically not even mentionable lifting.

Today’s run was great, which is super unusual lately.  I ran 6 miles in 51 minutes and felt amazing- like if I had more time, I could have run 6 more.  It made me remember why I love running and my legs and tummy felt wonderful.  It didn’t hurt that I just put new music on my ipod, which changes everything for me.

I got up early before work yesterday to do my workout and it felt great to have it done.  I had more energy all day, until about 9pm, but there’s nothing unusual about that.  Friday nights I’m more tired than any other night of the week it seems…which is unfortunate. 

However, because of my good decision to do the longer run early this week, I did get to have this last night.


And of course, it’s Halloween weekend… so I’m off to finish my super awesome costume!

Any good suggestions of new songs I should download for the big run??


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  1. I’m loving Let Me Down on the new kelly Clarkson album right now. It’s on my marathon playlist that I am trying to perfect as wel speak. 🙂

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