Tool Time

Last night’s Halloween debauchery made me remember that I can’t drink like I could when I was a functioning alcoholic in college.  Dang.  Not only am I consuming way less drinks than I did back then… but the hangover seems to be a million times more painful now. 


The fave and I dressed up like Tim the Tool Man and Heidi from Tool Time.  I’d really like to thank the drunk a-hole who yelled “Hey Heidi!  Thought your boobs were bigger!” at me across the street.  Yes, dick, I’m not Pamela Anderson.  I know.  And I’m okay with it.



Big difference… if you know what I mean.

Despite waking up with a pounding in my head that was as equally painful as Tim’s skills on the tool show, the party was a success!  And. I was decently productive today and even made it to the grocery and gym. 

This Sunday’s workout included a 2 mile run, 30 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the bike.  It was easy, low impact, and helped sweat some of the toxins out of my body.  I’m actually a little sore from my run yesterday- not sure if it was because I pushed my speed or what. 

I’m supposed to be tapering these next two weeks, and I’m definitely going to lower my mileage, but I’m still thinking about doing another 12 miler just to end my longer runs on a good note mentally.  I need to focus positively on the marathon, and I’m not sure I ended on such a great note last week. 

I counted today and I have only 37  official miles left before the marathon!  So far I’ve ran nearly 600 in training for the race… wowzers.  That sounds like a lot…. is it enough??  We will see in 13 days.  Holy shizballs that makes me nervous and sweaty just to think about.


So true.

And because it’s Sunday and it’s God’s day… I have a confession.


I ate candy.  In fact, I’m eating candy right now.  And I’m going to eat some tomorrow.  No question.

But after that I’m done until after the marathon… just let me have this day.



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2 responses to “Tool Time

  1. Aww, you guys look cute! It feels SO good to work out after you’ve drank too much. Totally makes you feel like you got all the crap out of your system.
    Don’t overdo it with a long run during taper. You’ve had some crappy runs but that means you’re ready for a good one…the marathon!

  2. Thanks… semi last minute costume!
    I love your positive attitude… and that you suggest not running 12 more miles~ Now- no more sugar and I think I’m golden!

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