Of course.

Let’s start this out on something positive- I can run next Saturday!!!! 

Now the backstory-

This morning I went on my last long run before the marathon.  Goal was 8-12 miles.  My plan said 8, but I wanted to make sure my stomach was okay, so I wanted to try a little more. 

I tried something new this morning- an audiobook.  Yesterday I tried to get my playlist ready for the big race, and then I decided that maybe I should try an audiobook to have a backup if I got sick of my music.  I downloaded Tina Fey’s Bossypants.  So f-ing funny so far.  I laughed a few times out loud while running, and it definitely kept my mind on something else other than running.

So, la-de-da I’m running along, mile 7.5 ish and feeling wonderful- no tummy problems, legs feeling strong and my mind thinking positive thoughts…

And I fell.  Shocker, I know.  On my face, my arms, my hands.  Oh- and I twisted my ankle. 


My first thought was, “Mother f-er if I can’t run that marathon because it’s broken I will kill someone”.  My second was, “Holy crap if it’s broken I can’t go to the beach in 2 weeks”. 

I sat on the ground and cried.  1.5 miles away from home and no phone  because “it’s just a short run and I don’t need it”… boy was I wrong. 

Finally a nice old man stopped (don’t worry, he was picking up his nice old wife up from the team marathon training) and let me use his phone to call the fave.  I came home, cried a little more, then after 2 hours of icing and fretting, decided to go get it checked out. 


They do x-rays here and even though I was 90% sure it wasn’t broken, I decided to be safe than sorry.  Plus, I’ve broken both before (I have really weak ankles apparently) so I just wanted to get cleared to run.

After patiently waiting forever, I finally got some x-rays taken and sat with sweaty, sweaty hands while I waited for them to be read.  Thankfully, it’s NOT BROKEN!!!!  It’s just a really bad sprain, so…


Sorry about the picture quality… but- I have to ice every hour, wear an air cast and boot and be on crutches for 2-3 days.

Everything should be back to normal by Wednesday… and I’m allowed to RUN SATURDAY!!!!  Basically, I have to stay off of it, keep it elevated and iced, not put weight on it at all, and not workout at all.

So I’m doing it.  No working out, couch time and relaxation. 

My BFF thinks it’s God’s way of telling me to slow down and chill out before the race.  Hopefully she’s right.

In my depressed state this morning (before the x-rays), I ate candy.  Sorry.  My bad.  But I deserved it.



So now, I am relaxing, watching all my DVR shows and so excited to finally run the marathon next weekend!!  This might be a blessing in disguise- I am now so thankful I’ll be able to run that the mental issues I had before are totally gone…and now I am more excited than ever to race!  If it takes me 7 hours to cross the finish line, so be it.  At least I’ll be out there running!

Also, if you’re in Richmond, we’ll be at Capital Ale after the race celebrating- come meet us!!

PS: I’d like to blame my mishap on Tina’s funny book, as my concentration wasn’t on the road like it should have been and I totally missed the small branch in my way… but let’s be honest.  I must naturally be a clumsy person.  Shoot.



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3 responses to “Of course.

  1. michelle (your PIC's running pal)

    I’m so glad your ankle is cleared for race day. you’ve just had a classic marathoner moment. mine was 2 days before the race, when i decided i didn’t need to turn on the light to go downstairs for breakfast. i mean, i’ve been down the steps safely a million times in my house, why would this time be any different? all was well until i forgot that there are 13 steps instead of 12 and i skidded down the last 2, landing full force on my heel. concrete floors don’t mix well with feet! it was tender and sore to walk on but alas i surivived and was fine on race day.
    so take the prescribed rest and remember to think of health first on race day. PLEASE PLEASE listen to your body. pushing through pain is not being tough, it’s being not smart (like how i didn’t use the “s” word?!). one of my running bffs has a saying, “live to run another day.” while tough advise sometimes, its good advice.
    spend this week thinking about your plan for getting there, parking, meeting up with the fam after, decorating your race gear with your name, etc. let me know if you need advice about any of the above and i’ll share my secrets!
    now enjoy the last week of rest and lay off the candy!

    • But I need candy 🙂
      Just kidding. Trying to lay off. Thanks for the encouragement… glad to know I’m not the only clumsy one. I’m resting, being boring, and trying not to eat a year’s worth of sugar in one day. Hopefully I’ll see you after the race Saturday!!

  2. Sarah

    quick note before laptop dies. quit bustin your own bolas. you rock, most ppl favor holding down the couch, as i am right now. 😉 for the record, i’m about to get back to it though. lol. no seriously, i fell on my bike 1.5 mi into a 50 mi training ride, while training for a century. (a 100 mi ride…not just a really long time.) as a result of said clutzy fall (more about that in a moment), i dislocated my right elbow, and thereby screwed myself out of a century that i’d been training REALLY HARD FOR…3 wks shy of the damn event. talk about pissed. to make it worse, i fell only bc i’m an uncoordinated clutz, and panicked when trying to unclip from my pedals, and fell kersplat in the middle of the street, like a dummy. nothing like utter humiliation to make you feel worse.

    long and the short of it. you’ll find your groove. you’re already well on your way. your tummy issues will even sort themselves out, once way or another. so shut up your inner mean to your self self, and enjoy what you’re doing! my inner mean to self self was way too mean – she kept me from excelling. i have a feeling that when u biyatchslap yours, you will find she’s been in your way the whole time.

    all said w kindness. i promise. 🙂

    post pics after you own that marathon! 😉

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