What I’ve learned…

I’ve had a lot of couch time today.

There has been so much I’ve learned about running/ myself/ myself + running in the past 4 months of training.

1.  I am my own worst enemy.  I know I am really hard on myself (partly justified though, because I’ve been such a klutz lately).  It’s just because I really want to succeed at something as big as finishing a marathon. 

I don’t have a ton of self confidence in many departments, but running is something that I’m decent at, and I’d like to be able to show it off and maybe even inspire some of my friendlies to run too.  So, yes, I’ve been hard on myself lately, but it’s because I just want to finish… I don’t even want to win (thank goodness my dreams aren’t sky high), just cross that dang finish line alive and well (and without poopy pants, of course).

2.  This sucker was MUCH easier to train for in the summer (even though it was hot/ humid/ muggy as balls outside) because I wasn’t working and could do my long run any day of the week!


It was so much easier to plan my longer runs (obvi) because it was my only real responsibility.  Once school started and I was tired, working, tired, and tired, it was a lot harder to have motivation to do the long runs.  Especially when everyone was going out for happy hour Friday afternoons and I was pretending to be responsible, therefore, no beer.

3.  Marathon training takes a lot of time!  I kind of thought that perhaps it wouldn’t be too much extra time, since I was already workout out five days a week prior (the plan was six days a week) and my workouts were kind of similar.  Um, wrong.  Not only are you spending more time actually working out and stretching per week, it is just really tiring on your body.  I just felt tired a lot.  I guess once you get into it (maybe after you’ve done one or two) you get used to it and adapt, but man, I just wanted to lay on the couch when I wasn’t at work or working out. 

4.  It really matters what you put into your body when training for a long race like this.  If you’ve read my blog for a month, you know I’ve always had a sensitive stomach, but I have learned that personally, I cannot change things up much or else I’m in trouble.  Like this guy.  Can you imagine that knowing anytime “runner poop pants’ is googled, your picture is the first 300 that pop up?  That sucks.  I’ve learned that before long runs, I can eat pasta.  I’ve learned that I need to cut out sugar (eff).  I’ve learned that eating gels during long runs just makes them miserable.  It’s a personal thing, but now I know what I need to fuel without wanting to cut out my stomach after.

5.  I’ve leaned to look down while running.  Or this happens.


Look down, Kathleen!  Pick up your feet!

6.  I’ve learned that I’m thankful for being able to run.  After every long run I look down on my legs and give them a little compliment.  My feet too.

7.  Running isn’t as cheap as everyone seems to think it is.  Shoes (multiple pairs), Garmin, good shorts, socks, etc… that shiznit costs money.  Oh, and race fees aren’t cheap either (Shamrock I’m looking at you.  $95 for a HALF?  You must be joking). 

8. Long runs are better first thing in the morning instead of after work.  Those were a bad idea for me.

9.  One day you can have an Amazing (with a capital A), totally pain free, totally awesome long run.  Another day you can have a terrible, crappy, really difficult 2 miler.  I don’t know why this is… but it happens.  Obviously I prefer the Amazing runs over the crappy ones, but I haven’t figured out why this happens yet.  Any insight?


Needless to say, I’m a lot smarter after this whole journey.  Hopefully you just got a lot smarter reading this.

Also, I’m going to completely kick some marathon booty (yes!!!!) in the 26.2 miles I’m running next Saturday… getting a finisher’s medal and all!



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3 responses to “What I’ve learned…

  1. Sarah (again)

    If it helps….all the goodies make Shamrock worth the moolah. I do that one every year 😉

  2. love the positivity! yeah girl! can’t wait for that celebratory beer next weekend!! 🙂

  3. michelle (your PIC's running pal)

    this year they’re adding a “surprise” gift (ok, it’s not really a surprise anymore b/c the announced it…a hoodie) to celebrate the 40th anniversary. and the 95 bones is well worth it when you down those brews under the tent and get groovin w/ your besties. can’t wait to relive last year’s fun w/you guys (and we’re NOT bringing a drama queen this time!!!!!!!!)

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