Great news


The weather for the marathon looks perfect!!  Good running weather… and, lots of snot rockets (don’t run near me, I am gross). 

I am feeling good, and although my ankle is still being iced every hour and elevated, I am positive that this little mishap happened for a reason… And no Leah, I didn’t make it up for the funny sake of my blog.  I wish.  Smile 

My ankle is still really swollen and tender to the touch (that’s what she said) and starting to bruise pretty nastily.  I’ve stayed off of it for the last day and a half and really hope all this rest helps.  I’m feeling like a lazy bum because I’ve spent at least 20 hours on the couch in the past two days.  Luckily, because I can’t carry anything in my hands (crutches kind of put the kibosh on that), I haven’t been snacking much.  So, that’s good news. Also I think my right calf is building some muscle since I’ve been hopping a lot.  Reminds me of the guy from True Life..


There’s definitely been Chinese food in my life lately, and yes, I’ve had candy.  But today is the LAST day before the marathon, I swear.  It’s just, I needed comfort food… and what’s more comforting than pure sugar?  Besides dumplings, pie, and holiday food? 

Today I’ve also been trying to map out where and how I’m going to find friends along the course. 


Also… there’s two junk food stops… you know I’m going to be super jealous of the people pigging out on that as I pass by.

It’s starting to get real.  I’ve got a long list of things I need to get before the race (oh, and magically heal my ankle), but I’m starting to get very excited about running and finishing.  In one piece.  Does anyone have any last minute things I might need to know or get??

Hopefully this week (with parent teacher conferences, teacher workday, and a collab conference with my PiC) will fly by… It’s really only two days of real working, right?

eeeeeeeeeeeeeek… 5 days, 14 hours and 8 minutes…


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One response to “Great news

  1. Leah

    Yes! Another shout-out. I’m becoming famous.

    120 hours and counting!!!!

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