What a Day

Wow.  Today was… interesting.  And a typical Monday.

I woke up a couple of times last night to a throbbing foot.  Yes, foot… not ankle.  I think the bruise is spreading to the bottom of my foot…. so finally, at 5:00am I got out of bed to get some ice.  I iced for a bit, took some Advil, and tried to fall back to sleep, but because of Daylight Savings, that was not happening.

Daylight savings

I decided I was going to make some coffee, and after about 10 minutes of hopping around my 4’ x ‘8’ kitchen, I finally got coffee made and in a cup, halfway filled so I could hobble to the bathroom to finish getting ready.  It just so happened that the cup halfway filled with coffee was riiiiiight in the way of the hair dryer cord.  Goodbye coffee, goodbye coffee cup, hello mess. 

Broken Coffee Cup

I think I screamed two words that started with m and f so loud that it woke my neighbors up.  Sorry, all.

By the time I got to school, I was not in the mood for parent conferences… but thankfully, my PiC brought me coffee and it got me through the day.  Love her for that.  In all honesty, it was probably better for her that she brought it- I’m not a happy morning person.  Lucky parents.

We had 100% of our parents show up today, which is AMAZING.

My foot didn’t bother me too much today, but there would have been no way I could move around a classroom with kids in it… at least, it would have been very difficult.  I have a whole new appreciation for having two working legs and ankles and knees and feet.  

I think a good social experiment would be to put everyone on crutches…

cat on crutches

Because it sucks.   It’s only been three days, and hopefully I’ll be walking on my own tomorrow, but seriously, crutches suck.  It’s annoying going up stairs, it’s annoying going down stairs, it’s annoying to go to the bathroom, it’s annoying to not be able to carry a glass… it is just annoying.  

And in the words of Michael Scott,

The Office- The Injry

If only it were that easy, Michael, if only…. keep those fingers crossed!


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  1. Aw, you poor thing! I’ve tried crutches before just for pretend, and I was crashing into stuff everywhere. Good for you for making your day work!

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