I can…

waddle!!  Just like a duck, or a person who is insanely overweight.

I felt no pain last night when I was sleeping… That may have been because I was doused up with NyQuil, but who’s to say?


I spent the first half of my day with one crutch, then a little before lunch I threw that sucker to the side and headed for adventure. Oh yes, big adventure.  I spent half the day with NO CRUTCH… And it felt great.  Wonderful even.  For someone who is waddling and wearing a boot.

Currently it is 3 days, 14 hours and 15 minutes until the start of the Richmond Marathon. 

Holy Crapola.  I am starting to get reeeeallll nervous. 

After school today (yay for teacher work days and being able to go to Panera for lunch.. little things), I ran to Dicks to grab a couple of last minute things for the race.  First and most important, this lovely, beautiful, stabilizing ankle brace. 

ankle brace 

I’m allowed to run a little tomorrow, so I’m going to try it out then.  I’m a little worried it’s going to rub (especially since I’m not used to having it on), but that’s better than the alternative—me versus the elements alone—and we all know how that turns out. 

I’m still very positive about completing the marathon, and although it might take me a little while longer than I originally hoped, I’ve got 3 days to prepare, right?  And rest my ankle.

I’m also trying not to eat like a maniac, but now that it’s getting dark so early I feel like I need to eat all of the time. I’m also not working out so I don’t need to be eating an extra 500+ calories each day.  It’s pretty unfortunate, really.  However, something to look forward to- sweets on Saturday!  Very excited!

I am still not finished with my marathon playlist and would love more ideas on good songs to listen to as I try not to kill myself.

Today I’ll leave you with something I saw on runningoffthereeses a few months ago and it just makes me laugh every time I watch it.  This is how I imagine my race going.. minus bloody nips of course.



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3 responses to “I can…

  1. michelle (your PIC's running pal)

    be sure to glide your ankle where the seams contact. should help with the rubbing. go easy tomorrow. think like a turtle. any pain…stop! can’t finish a race if you don’t get to the start line! start the adding more carbs and a teeny bit of extra salt into your food now (adjust your protein/carb ratio to be more carbs than protein).
    got your gear clean and ready? shirt decorated? fans positioned with the “duty” locations? playlist…include a little Rocky!
    I’m working the expo on Thurs from 4:30-7 so write down your last minute neurotic questions and come lay them on me. :o)

  2. Lindsay

    That marathon video was awesome! Thanks for sharing it and I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope your ankle is feeling better.

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