Busy Wednesday

Today was a busy day!  After my awesome workout this morning, which I thought I posted about, but don’t see and cannot find… so here’s the gist-

1.  I ran!  It was awesome!  Really awesome for someone who was not walking two days ago.  I ran 3 miles in 29:41 and biked for 25 minutes. 


The ankle brace was a bit uncomfortable at first…and the first couple of blocks I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to forget that I had it on.  I never really forgot it was there, but it did get better.  It definitely took about a mile and a half to get used to, and I’m hoping eventually I’ll just forget it is there on race day.

It also felt a little tight, like my toes were falling asleep, but I think I just had it a little too tight.  I need to try and loosen it up tomorrow, because as it was pointed out today- your feet swell when you’re on them for so long, especially with such a long run.  So the brace doesn’t need to be super tight to start.

2.  When I got home this morning I was really smart (would you expect anything less?) and iced.  For awhile.  iced ankle Don’t mind my cankle.  Hopefully it will go away… Soon. 

3.  I also left you this morning with this amazing video (especially for Roz).


Now… for the rest of the day.

4.  I had a conference today with my PiC, that was led by not one, but TWO Judys.  Two actual women named Judy ran the conference.  You have no idea how much I giggled like a 10 year old…and how much I enjoyed saying things like, “Thanks, Judy.  Judy, can you…”

One Judy was all up in my grill all day, showed me her cankle and told me that hers was swollen all the time (fat feet… for real.,.. bulging out of her shoes).  She also kept touching my foot that was resting on a chair.  It was really weird. 

5.  After the conference my PiC and I went to a thrift store to get some throwaway clothes for Saturday morning.  I got a sweet Salty Dog sweatshirt and some swishy pants.  My PiC’s are way better- some sort of penguin pajamas.  Awesome.  Although, I only spent $2.07 and she spent $3.15, so who’s the real winner here? 

6.  Dinner was shredded crockpot BBQ chicken plus oriental cabbage salad.  Delicious.

I feel like I had way more to say, but now I’m in a food coma and sleepy…and I’m a little ticked I can’t find my last post. 

Happy Hump Day!  2.5 days until race time!!!



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2 responses to “Busy Wednesday

  1. put a bird on it!! good luck this Saturday!

  2. LOL! Looks like SkinnyRunner knew what she was doing when she had those shirts made. I hope you are getting excited for your race! Until I can read your recap, I’m going to put a bird on something.

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