Got my loot

Today started off with another morning workout!  I biked 20 minutes and ran 3.5 miles in 35 minutes….and it felt fantastic. 

I think it’s going to really help me knowing that I HAVE to go slower, especially to start.  Typically I start races too fast and use up a ton of energy early.  Knowing that I need to go slow because of my bum, bruised ankle will help me keep steady.  I can almost see my entire ankle bone today!  Win!!

Even though my workout felt good and I iced after, I still continued to wear the air cast and boot all day today, just to be on the safe side.   It started to bug me a little at the end of the day, but I think that’s probably because I was up and moving for 12 hours.

After running a few errands after school, the PiC and I made it to the Richmond Marathon Race Expo to pick up or numbers and loot.   We arrived right after it opened, and it was already fairly crowded…. and here I thought we were beating the crowds by coming today instead of tomorrow.

Expo 1

There were plenty of vendors, but to be honest, I was pretty disappointed in the fact that no one was handing out free stuff!  Yes, I love the free crap they give you at these things- food, snacks, PowerBars, etc.  And there was really nothing.  I did find these gems, that unfortunately I did not purchase because I thought I needed a foam roller more.

Expo 2Don’t mind the under eye circles.  I’ve been so nervous I can’t sleep.

When I got home, I dumped out my bag and hoped for some awesome surprise.

Race Gear The sticker is going on my car.  I’m letting everyone know I made it 26.2 miles.  I did get a free Race for the Cure T-shirt… so I guess that’s a win.

If you want to track me/ look up my slow ass time after the race is over, I’m 4883. 

I also found out that Derby has discovered how to manipulate her feeder by sticking her paw up the dispenser and sneaking pieces of food out.  If you think this hasn’t gotten annoying in the hour and a half I’ve been home.  You’re wrong.

Sneaky Derby Picture quality is terrible I know, but I was trying to catch her in action.  She’s a sneaky one, that Derby.

Now, time for rest, vitamin C and trashy TV!  Bravo, I thank you.



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2 responses to “Got my loot

  1. Kara

    YEAH!!!!!!!! Good luck!

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