Three Random Things Thursday 8

1.  This one’s a few days old.. but, the Duggars are pregnant.  Again.  Seriously, is that woman ever going to have a glass of wine???  She’s been pregnant for twenty years.  Take a little time for yourself, lady.

Duggar Family

2.  I know I’ve been big on videos lately, but this one is amazing.  Seriously.   And it’s PG so you can watch it at work.  So funny.  Although, if you don’t like seeing kids with dead animals, this isn’t for you.


“Look!  It’s head is bobbing!”

3.  Including today, it is 45 days until Christmas.  I love Christmas movies.  So, in honor of my love for all things Christmas, I’m going to include a few of my favorite quotes from my favorite movies each week.

First and foremost, my very favorite Christmas movie that I force my cousins and brother to watch every year ( and because I’m the only girl, they let me pretend that they love watching it with me).

home alone buzz's girlfriend


I love this movie.  I cannot watch it enough.  Probably going to watch it when I can’t move this Sunday.



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2 responses to “Three Random Things Thursday 8

  1. I LOVE Christmas movies!!! Can we BFFs this season please?! Everyone makes fun of me cause I’m like a junkie. I even was on Amazon yesterday trying to buy the bulk package of It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and White Christmas! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the old ones!!

  2. Yes we can definitely be BFFs!!! I LOVE Christmas movies… and am judging the people who make fun of you 🙂 Seriously, find be a better theme than Christmas. Not happening.

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