…the word that perfectly describes how it was to get out of bed this morning. 

Seriously.  Rolling/ falling out of my bed this morning was difficult.  My back and quads and ankle killed.  I would have skipped out on work today, but because I knew my PiC would be out I decided to work.  Plus, I’m taking two days off next week to go on VACATION.  Gotta pay the bills somehow.

1.  I’ve decided to stop beating myself up about my marathon time, because it’s a decent time normally, and it’s a great time for someone with a sprained ankle.  I still haven’t looked up my official time, and I’m not quite sure I want to know.. just that I finished in “around five hours-ish” sounds okay.  

2.  Now… onto bigger and better things. 

cake This was the sweet cake my mom got for me.  Apparently she thinks I’m the biggest loser.  Thanks, mom.

cupcakes These are delicious pumpkin muffins (yes, they look a little… not right, but presentation means nothing to me.. taste is everything) from BFF and Toast.

Swedish Fish after race No explanation needed. 

So I think I’ve had my fill of sugar for awhile and I’m ready to not eat it every second of my life.  It’s funny- you think you really, really, most definitely need to eat sugar daily, and now I’m not really craving it anymore.  Guess that’s a win.  At least it will save me money at the grocery.

3.  In other saving money news, I’d love to thank the Richmond Marathon for sending a shit- ton of leftover bagels and bananas to my school today.   If you think this girl didn’t go home with packs of bagels and a million bananas (freeze them and make banana bread, right?) you are wrong.  And I’d just like to say, compared to the other vultures that I work with, the few things I took were nothing compared to the boxes of food people were hoarding.  It was like we all won the  lottery- that’s the level of excitement teachers get from free stuff.  Whatever, like I’m judging.  Free bananas- best part of my Monday. 

box of bananas

4.  Speaking of food, I forgot my lunch today.  You have no idea how disappointing that was.  I searched my drawer for food and found an apple and a Special K bar and peanut butter.  It was no delicious salad, but better than starving.

5.  Tonight’s dinner is another batch of homemade chicken noodle soup.  Just what I was craving after a long day… plus, I always have enough for lunch the rest of the week and hopefully won’t forget my lunch again.

6.  I might be cra-cra but I’m going to try and workout tomorrow.  My ankle is bothering me a tiny bit (but it’s not terrible) and my muscles are really sore, but I feel like I can do at least a little- biking or the dreaded elliptical or maybe even a mile run.  How long do first time marathoners (just tooting my own horn here, it’s my blog) wait to workout again?  I feel lazy going from six days a week to nothing. 

7.  Finally, give some positive thoughts to my PiC who PR’d on her half marathon this weekend (!!) but now has a stress fracture and will be in a boot for a month… and isn’t allowed to run for two months. 😦 And I was being all selfish and worrying about myself during the race.  Oh Kathy, even though there were 100 signs around Richmond with your face on it, surprisingly, it’s not all about you.

8. By the way, I got windburn during the marathon.  My face is peeling off.  It is super attractive.  Luckily, none of my kids ran away screaming today (but that may be because five of them failed their vision tests, who’s to say?). 



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10 responses to “Ouch.

  1. U crack me up. And i dont even know u. Lol. Btw…wtf is a PiC? Hows THAT for an acronym?!?!? If i were u I’d give myself a week off. Espec since ur coming off of an injury. No need to mess up future goings ons bc ur a rockhead. Oh and are u doing shamrock???

    • my PiC is my partner in crime- the girl I’m co-teaching with this year! I think I’m doing the shamrock half in VA beach… you? I haven’t signed up yet because I hate giving all my money away to race fees… eeeeeeeeeeek

      • ahhhhh, duh. why didn’t i catch that.

        i’m doing the shamrock half as well. fo sho! that’s my annual do or die thingydobopper. oh just suck it up, and part w the money. you know u want to! no for realz though, it IS a kickass event….well organized, lotsa goodies. just do it. i’m getting ready to sign up for surf n santa next payday. i’ve got my mind set on all four (wicked 10K, surf n santa, va is for lovers & shamrock) so that i can get an uber cool (cooler) commemorative item! i’m sure it’ll be something that i’ll be like “wait, REALLY?!?!?” but hey, can’t fight a gal w goals, right? now alls i need to do is train so that i can actually RUN the damn thing! 😉 btw if u end up not having a person, or persons to split a shamrock room with, i’m your gal. normally there’s a few of us that split a room to defer costs. just an FYI. btw, is your PiC Sarah? i graduated w her.

      • Yes! PiC is Sarah! 🙂
        i know, I just have to bite the bullet and sign up… good thing I get paid tomorrow!

      • I hear ya on that one. Well Surf n Santa will be registered on my next paycheck. Then Shamrock. And somewhere in there…..Va is for Lovers….but Shamrock is priority. They normally are maxed out at Kissmas time.

        Tell Sarah I say hi! 🙂

  2. Dru

    Ummm those muffins didn’t look that bad when I gave them to you.

  3. Tara

    After my first marathon I just took 1 day off before starting workouts again. I took it very easy and actually did mostly walking and some biking to get the muscles moving. I didn’t run for about a week afterwards….and even then it took awhile to feel “normal” again if that makes sense. I think it’s such a personal thing for everyone. We all recover at different levels you know. Awesome job finishing! When you are injured and are still able to cross that finish line….I feel it’s a huge win for you. Love your sense of humor!


    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m thinking it might be too ambitious to start running again, but I really need to bike or do something. We’ll see how I feel at 5:30 tomorrow morning though… and that will be the deciding factor!

  4. I waited 5 days to work out again. But then again, I’m NEVER lazy so it was nice just napping allll week long after my marathon. 🙂

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