Long Tuesday

Is it really only Tuesday???

It must be Thursday, at least.  Right?

Today seemed super long, mainly because I was at work for five hours longer than normal.  That’s as long as it took me to run a marathon.  Ahh.. memories.

Currently I’m waiting for stupid Michigan St. and even stupider Duke to get their terrible bodies off my TV so I can watch the Kentucky game.  It doesn’t look like it’s starting anytime soon.

This morning I had my first completely wimpy workout since the race.  I ran 2 sloooooooow miles (the ankle isn’t ready for more yet), did 20 minutes on the elliptical and stopped when my feet fell asleep, and 10 minutes biking.  Then I did my abs and push ups, along with a couple other arm exercises. 

Now that training is over, I’m hoping I can get back to lifting a little more.  I need a little more definition in my muscles, but I really would rather do cardio than lift.  Guess I need to change my ways.


Can you tell which toe is not actually painted??


Sorry if that made you throw up a little. 

Any ideas on how I should handle it?  I cannot get it to drain.  Also, looks like I won’t be getting a pedicure anytime soon.  No one is going to touch that thing.

The rest of my day was full of kids, stress, testing, stress, grading, kids, tantrums, cutting out letters, parents, and kids.  It was busy, but we had a lot of parents and students show up to PTA night (yes, they did get free pizza for dinner, but I’m positive they came for the reading strategies). 

Onto way more exciting topics… Has anyone ever been to Grand Cayman?  Because if you didn’t know, I’m going.  No, I’m not bragging, but I am trying to make you jealous.

This weekend.  And since I’ve never been, I’d love any input on things to do or places to eat.  Usually the fave and I are perfect travel partners (although I do get a little antsy in the airports… it’s one of my biggest flaws I’m told), and although we’re on the same page about our daily activities (pool, drinks, pool, pool, drinks, beach) I think he might be way more excited about the fact that there’s a Dunkin Donuts a mile from the hotel.   I’m pretty sure he knows we will be on an island in the middle of the Caribbean…

Strawberry Daiquiri - Most popular cocktails series

Because we’re going to be gone on Thanksgiving day (and of course I will miss my family), we are trying to plan the menu this week so we can have a feast next Friday.  We usually have the typical Turkey Day foods- turkey, stuffing, potatoes.  Anyone have great recipes they’d like to share, or a really good, delicious new food I may have never had before?

Okay… just about time to watch my Cats beat Kansas in Madison Square Garden.  Although the end of this stupid Duke game is taking for-ev-er. 



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6 responses to “Long Tuesday

  1. Tucker

    in grand cayman, make sure to visit the turtle farm there in town – where are yall staying? I been there a couple of times. Also visit Hell!

  2. I’ve never been but I am JEALOUS! Have so much fun!!

    PS Nice toe. That means you are a BEAST!

  3. Leah

    Uhhhh a wimpy workout??!? Really? Come on – thats like more than the majority of the population does in a week!!!!!

    P.S. Yes, I am jealous. Go to the Ritz. Best Pina Coladas ever. And food that costs a bazillion dollars but totally worth the pool experience!!!

  4. Tucker

    Kat, Hell is place you can visit while at Grand Cayman, Nothing really there except for a post office where you can send a post card to people from Hell – they have black coral there.

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