Random Saturday

1.  I ran 5 miles last night (longest since the race and on my ankle!).  I never loosened up.  I kept waiting for it, but it just didn’t happen.  My legs felt like lead.  I have no idea how I ran 26 last weekend.  No f-ing clue. 

2.  I love Subway.  The egg white flatbread sammys are amazing.  Seriously amazing.  Especially when it’s buy one get one free. 

3.  I just paid off all my student loans.  What’s up Sallie Mae, no more interest for you.  I win.  Minus all the interest you have received in the last 7 years.  So I guess you win. 

loan1Hey Dave Ramsey, I’m debt free! (Has anyone gone on that show?)

4. On vacation, I was going to get myself a massage at the spa.  And then I found out it was nearly half my rent.  And I couldn’t justify it.  Especially since I just paid off my loans.  Stupid guilt.   Thanks, dad, for making me money conscious.

dad Love you dad.

5.  I finally got half my dead toenail off.  The first layer.  It’s still purple and gross, but at least it doesn’t look like it has a blister under it anymore.  Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the pictures.  Thankfully I’ll be wearing flip flops all week so I can show it off.

6.  Two of the top searches to get to my blog are:  1.  kristin wiig with doll arms. 2.  chest sweat.   Interesting. I had no idea I talked about chest sweat so often.


Um.. guess I do. 

Also on the list- Girl throat sausages.  Not really sure what that means, but I guess I talk about sausage way to much on here. 

7.  This morning I woke up early.  Really early.  Why?  Because my upstairs neighbors were throwing themselves and 100 lb weights against the floor.  Thanks, guys, I don’t need sleep anyway.

8.  I made it to the gym this morning and ran 3 miles and biked for 15 minutes.  I looked at myself in the mirrors around the gym and realized, wow, I look way too tired to be here right now.  Needless to say, it was a semi- pathetic workout.  Again, thanks neighbors. 

9.  I’m currently in the middle of packing.  I.hate.packing.so.much.


I wish I had a cool sense of style.  Or knew how to accessorize. 

10.  I’m headed on vacation!!!!  What am I excited about, besides the usual sun, drinks, warmth, tans?  Being able to sleep for more than six hours without having to hear dinosaur feet stomp around upstairs.   Okay, I’m done being bitter now.

Grand Cayman… here I come!!!




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4 responses to “Random Saturday

  1. your bro

    Hahah nice one about dad

  2. Ah, yay for paying off your student loans! I FINALLY got my undergrad paid off when i made the terrible decision to go back to grad school. I’m dreading next year when that payback starts…..makes me want to drink myself into oblivion!

    Have fun on the vacay!

  3. good luck finding the candy stash when you get back from vacay. that’s your punishment for leaving me alone with our 18 children. that, and i plan to turn them all against you. have fun! 🙂

  4. Congrats on paying off your student loans!!

    I havent run much since my race either. My legs apparently forgot how to to work.

    Have a great vacation!

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