I’m Back!

I know you missed me… who wouldn’t?  Derby did… which is why she talked to me alllllllllllll night, did circus tricks on my bed and showed off her speed by running around the apartment a million times.  All.night.

Either she missed me or was just getting me back for being gone.  

derby sleeping

Now she’s sleepy after being up all night. 

Well… yesterday afternoon I left paradise.


It was such an amazing vacation.  I have to say, out of all the world traveling I’ve done (which is limited to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Panama- my interests lie in beaches), Grand Cayman was really safe, clean and friendly.  And I didn’t feel like I’d be kidnapped by a stranger and fed to the fishes…. so that’s always a plus. 

The fave and I had a great time, and as soon as I figure how to load pictures on my computer, I’ll put some on here.  The fave had a brand new camera just sitting around his house, so luckily I didn’t have to go impulse buy one.  Since he’s had it for years and had no idea, I’m assuming it can be mine for the time being. 

So now, it’s back to reality.  Kind of. 

I still have three days before going back to work, so it’s a little vacation after vacation, which is always needed.  Today is my official Thanksgiving…. so after some gym time this morning, I’m going to be busy cooking, baking and eating…. just a few of my favorite things. 

Happy Black Friday to all you crazies hitting up the stores today!


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One response to “I’m Back!

  1. I’m pretty limited in my traveling too. To Nassau, Bahamas. Twice. Ugh. Who goes to the same place twice? Me apparently. And it was not by choice the second time. It was because of price and days. I really want to go to Mexico but my hubs is convinced we will be killed. Um. HE is Spanish. Don’t I get street cred for that there or something? Next time my passport is going to be used for NOT the Bahamas. Or else! 🙂

    Glad you had a good time. A couple days off after a vacation is necessary for unpacking, laundry, and decompression. I need to start scheduling vacation after vacation more often.

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