Why is it

… that I get depressed after a vacation because I have to work?   It’s been a wonderful 9 days off of work.  But now it’s Sunday night, and I’m starting to get that blah feeling about this whole ‘job’ thing.

Of course I miss the kiddies, as I’m sure they miss me 🙂 They’ll be very excited to see my tan and Cayman dollars I brought back for them.  And, they’ll be even more excited to find out they have a benchmark Tuesday.  School isn’t just fun and games, people.  There’s learning happening too. 

Oh how quickly I forgot how to wake up and put on work clothes though.  Thank goodness it’s been October-like weather here though.  It makes it a liiiiiiiiiiiitle bit easier to get up.

This morning, after laying in bed for at least two hours after waking up, the fave and I decided to enjoy the 70 degree weather and run to the gym.  I wore my congratulatory marathon shirt (from my marathoner friend Kelly). 

marathon shirt


The back says Judith M. (marathon-er) Earlmeister 11.12.2011

Judith’s real full name is Judith Muncher Earlmeister.  I love how Kelly was clever enough to throw in marathoner instead.  So clever.

Today was the last day of relaxing/ binge eating for awhile.  So, why not go out with a bang and order a delicious pizza?  Great idea, Kathy, great idea.  And that’s just what we did. 

Large Margherita hello.i.love.you.

marg pizza

Regular eating habits resume Monday morning.


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