Grand Cayman Trip!

If you like beaches and don’t want jealousy seeping through your veins, don’t read this post. 

If you like beaches and are a better person than me and don’t get jealous… then keep reading. 

The fave and I decided about a month ago to take a trip over Thanksgiving weekend, and chose Grand Cayman because the fave has a crap ton of Marriott points so we could stay for free (remember, I’m a teacher, I love free stuff). 

Once we booked our tickets, though, we decided that the Marriott resort on Grand Cayman Island looked only slightly better than the Courtyard Marriott in VA beach (no offense to VA Beach… just pointing out that it wasn’t very resort-y).  So, we decided to use more points to stay at the Ritz Carlton, which was dubbed the best hotel in the Caribbean by Conde’s Nest the past three years.  Duh, I’m a five star kind of girl.  Obvi.

By the way, we were told that one of these 35,000 square foot villas are $30,000,000.  THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS for basically a condo.  So, we’re buying one.  See ya, America.


The Ritz was beautiful.  Definitely the most attentive staff at any hotel I’ve ever been to.  Example: They accidentally left our bag of duty free alcohol we bought at the airport (classy) in the cab on the night we got there… don’t worry, it showed up in our room the next day. 

I’d love to take you through each of our days, however, we are people of habit, and that might get old to read.  We woke up, went to the gym, had breakfast, went to the pool, drank, went to the beach, drank, went to dinner, bed early.

On Tuesday we decided to be a bit adventurous so we rented a jeep, drove to the turtle sanctuary and people watched, drove to Hell and sent postcards, and finally took a day long drive around the island.  The island itself is 22 miles by 16 miles (I think), so you’d think it wouldn’t take too long to drive around, but it actually took awhile to get to the farthest point. 

Some pictures from our drive:


Georgetown (You could not pay me to go on a cruise, by the way… no way.)


Other than our one adventurous day, we spent the rest of our days relaxing.  Most of the dark circles are gone from under my eyes, so that’s a plus.

Some highlights:

1.  There were roosters everywhere.  When I say everywhere, I’m being serious.  We saw like 50 in a day. 


2.  The fave’s favorite meal on the trip- lunch at Alfresco’s- Curried Shrimp.

DSCF0064Can anyone tell me why they leave shrimp tails on in every dish I’ve ever had?  It just confuses me… extra work to eat.

3.  After dinner at Seven, the steakhouse at the Ritz.


4.  Watching the sunset on our last night there…


5. …with these babies in our hands (which, by the way, were strooooooooooong).

Pina Colada

For one thing, I felt very safe in Grand Cayman.  I knew I wasn’t going to ‘go missing’ like the girls in Aruba.  Also I’m pretty sure my boyfriend doesn’t want to kill me, so maybe that was their problem.

Also, for the girl who took Latin in high school, it’s nice to be in an English speaking country where you can read signs and communicate with people.  And, everyone there was extremely nice- not just the staff at the hotel where they have to say yes to anything you ask, but all the cab drivers, servers, random people we met- everybody was super friendly.

Yes, things were more expensive than you’d get in America, but that’s just how it is being on an island- everything is imported (except for the Caybrew beer, which was not great by the way), so if you ever go, expect to spend some moolah…. but that’s what you do on vacation, right?

Needless to say, since we saw a million for sale signs on beach houses (seriously, like 2 out of every 3 were for sale), we checked out a little real estate.  Way more than you’d think, for having so many to choose from…. but beautiful.  Maybe one day someone will just give me a house in Grand Cayman.  Here, Kathleen, take this house.  Yeah.  Maybe.

It was such an amazing trip, and we’ve already decided to go back.  There were a ton of great restaurants to choose from and I feel like we didn’t even make a dent.  Also, I could never get tired of this view…





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6 responses to “Grand Cayman Trip!

  1. I just threw up from jealousy. Just saying.

    Glad you had such a great time!! 🙂

  2. Looks like you had an amazing trip. I’ll admit, I’m really really jealous!! 🙂

  3. Leah

    My cousin’s wife has a condo in that tower. Like for real. The Ritz is BOMB. So glad yall had fun. Next time I’m going in your suitcase!

  4. Evie

    Wow – your pictures are so good. Glad you and Rob had fun!

  5. Oh, I like that gray dress. Very cute! And how did you find a picture of my condo in Grand Caymen? 🙂

    So, I’m going to have to make a plea for you to change your blog settings so I can read you in my Google Reader. Prettttyyyyy please change the setting to full text? I will lurve you forever. 🙂

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