Thank God for Christmas Music

I am pretty sure the Christmas music station was the only thing keeping me from driving my car off the road this morning. 

Why, besides the fact that my job has turned me into a stress ball and that’s where I was headed?  It could have been the downpour of rain.  It could have been the two accidents on the interstate on my route.  It might have been the decision I made to not take the highway because of the accidents.  It may have been the paving that was happening on my detour.  It even might have been the dumb a-hole drivers acting like idiots.

Thank goodness there was Christmas music on.  I never thought “The First Noel” would save my life, but it very well might have this morning. 


Luckily today I was a tiny bit less stressed at work.  Well… not really, but I only have 13 days until break… so that helps.

This afternoon the fave and I made the run to the gym in the newly chilly weather.  I had a good five mile run and did abs.  I’m currently rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle (thanks, Mag!) and trying to get the kinks out.  I hope it works, because I’d like to do a long run this weekend… gosh it’s so hard to motivate sometimes.

So, right now I’m watching the last episode of RH of Atlanta.  Um, did anyone else watch this????  Holy Mother. Did you see the part with the stripper?  For real.  I am a little disturbed.  Does this make me a prude?  Maybe.  Yes.  I don’t know.  I’m so confused right now.  Please tell me you watched this too!

RHOA Stripper

Yes, that’s a happy face.  Note to self:  Never order a stripper who is going to do things to himself when your mom is around.  Or ever.  Ever. 

Now I’m disturbed.

Think of something else Kathleen, think of something else…….


Okay, I’m better. Whew.  That was a close one.

And after eating half a box of cereal (Lucky Charms nonetheless), I’m going to go lay on my stomach and watch some house hunters.  They’ll be no strippers on there, right?



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3 responses to “Thank God for Christmas Music

  1. Tiffany

    I plan on watching RH of Atlanta tonight. I can’t wait to watch!

  2. Thank God for Christmas music, as I cannot lose my fav PB hookup! lol! 🙂

  3. AHHHH! That face! That is the reason that I do not watch that show…it is like a car accident that you can not turn away from!

    Frozen water bottle….love that trick! Thanks!

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