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Lots going on

…in the last couple of days of 2011!!

1.  I think I’m set on my favorite coffee for the year.  I might even be able to have it more than once a week.

christmas blend

I know you might be confused, but that is my house, not a Starbucks. 

2.  I went to the physical therapist yesterday.  I was reminded that I had Osgood Schlatter Disease, which is inflammation of the patellar tendon where the knee meets the top of the tibia, which is basically swelling and tenderness to the knee joint.  I found that out a couple of years ago, and although it’s usually caused by growth spurts and goes away after time, the little bump under my knee cap is still there.

3.  I also found that this might have contributed to the tendonitis/ patellofemoral pain I’ve been experiencing.  That and my weak hip bones are a factor.  And the two outer quad muscles going the wrong direction in my leg.  So.  That’s cool.

4.  Along with the million exercises I have to do daily to straighten and strengthen my quads and hips, I have to foam roll on my thighs…and holy mother f-er it hurts.  I did it today at the gym and tears started swelling up in my eyes.  It is so terrible, yet so wonderful.

5.  I got casted for my new orthotics!  It’s weird that I’m really excited about them, right?

ortho cast

6.  I get to run FOR REAL! in two weeks!  I am SO excited.  Right now I can run a mile each day, and I’m allowed to incorporate the elliptical into my exercise program as much as I want…so, woohoo for me.  I’m also allowed to go back to kickboxing, so hopefully the next two weeks will go by quickly.

7.  KENTUCKY beat Louisville today.  Thank God or my life would have been over.  I had a beer at noon, so don’t judge.  It’s New Years Eve, right? 


8.  I made up a healthy Chicken Salad recipe this afternoon-  Lookie at me, becoming quite the cook.

Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt

  • 4 tbs of plain nonfat Greek Yogurt
  • 2 tbs of spicy brown mustard
  • 2-3 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped
  • 1 tsp dill
  • pepper
  • lemon juice
  • 2 cans of chunk chicken (I used 12oz cans from Costco)

Mix together all ingredients…and voila! (Picture does not do it justice…SOOO good.)

chicken salad

9.  Today on the walk home from the gym we saw:

  • A man singing to himself at the top of his lungs… for real. 
  • A bearded biker pulling a bearded skateboarder.  They were both wearing brown cords and flannel….and trying to attempt tricks.  Oh hipsters.
  • Oddly sized couples…aka the male counterpart of the female was at least 20lbs less than me… and wearing skinny jeans that might have been owned by one of my students.

Sometimes I look around and think, “Man, you live in a strange place.”

10.  I’m off to celebrate the new year.  Everyone have a safe and happy New Years Eve!  Remember, AAA is offering free sober rides and tows home tonight! 1-800-222-4357.  What a deal!   Luckily, I live in walking distance of anywhere I’d ever want to go.

11.  Happy last few hours of 2011!


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Last day of freedom…

…otherwise known as winter break.

1.  Yesterday I spent the day running errands I’ve been putting off for weeks- library, bank, post office, Costco.  Guess how much easier it was to do all of that without the boot?  One million percent.

dr evil

Yeah, I wish it were one million dollars. 

2.  I made it to the gym yesterday afternoon and managed 30 minutes on the elliptical 15 on the bike and 10 minutes on this thing:


It’s apparently a seated elliptical machine. 

Um.  Train wreck.  Complete train wreck.  Not quite sure what was going on, but I only got through 10 minutes and that was more than enough awkwardness for me.

I cannot wait to run again.  can.not.wait.

3.  Last night, I caught up on Teen Mom 2.  Don’t judge… it’s great TV.

teen mom 2 adam

I don’t even feel sorry for these girls anymore.  They are sooo dumb (in the voice). Seriously.

4.  Last night was a delicious homemade dinner of BBQ chicken, sweet potatoes and arugula salad.  Of course I didn’t take pictures of any of it to show you, but I made a fantastic dressing for the arugula.

Lemon Dressing

  • 3 tbs olive oil
  • 2-3 tbs lemon juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • grated parmesan cheese

Mix together and toss into arugula with pine nuts and tomatoes.  And it tasted amazing.

5.  Today my goals are to:

  • go to the gym
  • go to physical therapy and hopefully run! (cross your fingers for some good news)
  • buy a calendar
  • take a nap
  • NOT open the enormous bag of Stacy’s pita chips… although they’re already staring at me like they need to be opened.

stacys pita

  • think about New Years Resolutions that I might actually stick to this year… I think it’s time to give up the ‘stop biting/picking at my fingernails’ goal.

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy day here in Richmond.


Happy Friday all! 

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Three Things Thursday 14

1.  Shit Girls Say Episode 2

Not as good as episode 1…. buuuuuuut I’ll take it.


2.  This was mentioned in a Yahoo article about places where cars are not allowed:

Tangier Island, Virginia: On this island in Chesapeake Bay, three things are not allowed: cars, credit cards and alcohol. But before you cancel your reservations, there’s boating, crabbing, biking, buggy tours, white sand beaches and more. Still not convinced? OK, you can rent golf carts here, too, if you really feel the need for speed.

I mean, I’m not even worried about the whole ‘no car thing’. 

Um.. .does this mean you can’t even bring a beer to the island?  What’s boating without beers?  Or beach without beers?

boating beer 2

It’s not as fun, that’s what.

3.  Samoa is canceling  this Friday.  They’re moving the international dateline so they’re in the same time zone as New Zealand and Australia so trading will be easier.

Soooo instead of being the last nation to celebrate the new year, they’re going to be the first nation to celebrate the new year.

I’m confused.   Why not cancel Monday instead?  Don’t waste the canceling of a day on a Friday. 

samoa cancel friday


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Too Small, Makers

I’m a Makers Mark Ambassador

I’m from Kentucky, I love bourbon (though I don’t drink it nearly enough, in ambassador standards), and I like gifts, so it all works out perfectly.

Makers Mark sends their ambassadors Christmas gifts (or holiday gifts, whichever you prefer) every year.  They’ve been things like gift wrap, gift bags, bar napkins… stuff like that.  This year I pull out my gift, and I’m like… wtf is this for?

makers t

It obviously was not a gift for Derby (who, by the way, I had to chase around to get that picture….for some reason she freaks whenever I try and put clothes on her…weird, right?).

Lo and behold, it’s a sweater for my bourbon.  Clever. 


If only I had one to match…

Today I spent half the day driving back from DC with the fave- we went up there last night for some work stuff, and I have to say… I’m not sure I could ever live there with all of that traffic.  I missed lunch with some of my favorite people because a garbage truck fell off the highway and dumped all of the trash everywhere.  Of course everyone had to stop and look, which added another hour onto the drive.  Super exciting start to the Wednesday.

This afternoon I made it to the gym (but not  until after a quick nap) and was excited to do ‘cardio’ that didn’t include only biking.  I managed 40 minutes on the elliptical (might be a new record for me… plus, my feet didn’t fall asleep) and 15 minutes on the bike.  I did my 50 daily girl push ups, plus abs and biceps, triceps and shoulder presses.  Huge arm day for me.  Can anyone send me a good arm workout that doesn’t take forever?  I need something to follow because I don’t really know what to do…

It felt good to get moving today after stuffing my body full of random foods the last few days.  I did a pretty good job of going to the gym while I was home, but without running, it’s not the same feeling (or results), so I am really excited to start physical therapy and get my old person insoles so I can run again.  I’m hoping to be able to do a 15k in 3.5 weeks… but that might be ambitious.  We’ll see what the doctor says I guess.

The rest of my day will be spent cleaning my apartment, putting away Christmas stuff, and catching up on my DVR from the week I was gone.  My break is going by waaaaaaaaaaay too quickly… only a few days left!


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Holy Holidays

My time in Kentucky was incredibly busy… but then again, it always is since my time there is so short.

After getting home on Wednesday, and going to a fancy schmancy lunch with the ladies Thursday, the rest of the time flew by….and when it’s all said and done, I was glad I shoved so much into the little time I was in town. 

Christmas Day was fairly lazy until we went to celebrate a friend’s 32nd birthday/ family Christmas.  I had 2 plates that looked like this:

christmas dinner 

Plus birthday cake and two different types of ice cream cake…and a million chocolate covered pretzels.

Monday was my big family Christmas get together.. sooooo add another zillion calories into the mix and today, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Yesterday was my visit to the ortho doctor to figure out what was wrong and how I can fix it so I don’t have to cycle all day. So, I woke up at 4:45 am, tried to drug Derby (she wasn’t having it), and hopped in the car with bags under my eyes the size of Texas. I nearly fell asleep at least 4 times on my drive through the monsoon/ fog/ 25mph wind.


This picture was taken at 11:00 am… and pretty much sums up my drive.

It was terrible.   Derby yowled until I force fed her half a pill, and finally, 8 hours later I made it home.

You have no idea how happy I was to walk in my door, let Derby out, and sit. 

It didn’t last long though, because I immediately had to run out the door to go to the doc.

And this is what I found out, besides the fact that I feel like an old woman going to the doctor for all my aches and pains.

I was diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis in my right foot along with patellofemoral pain in my right knee.  Oh, and I have flat feet, which I never knew (and here I thought I was fast…).

So what does this mean in terms of fixing it??  NO MORE BOOT!!!!  Two weeks was enough, so thank goodness.  I have to go to physical therapy a few times to get some exercises to strengthen and straighten my gait (over pronate) annnnnnnnnnd I have to get custom made orthotics.  Like an old person. 


I’m pretty sure my grandma had these.

Right now I can cross train (the doctor suggested ‘running’ in the pool… ummmm no) until I go to therapy and the orthotics.  Unfortunately, the doctor forgot to give me the name and number of the therapist he wants me to go to.  So thanks for that.

So that’s where I am. 

It’s better news than expected, so I’m pretty happy about it.  I’m mostly happy I don’t have to wear the boot anymore 🙂

Happy Wednesday!







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Merry Christmas, from Derby


Some things I love about this Christmas:

1.  Naps.  I’ve already taken one today and its only 1:00pm.

2.  No workout.  Gym’s closed and I’m in a boot, so running, and even walking, is off limits.  Sorry, body…today is our unhealthy day.  Get ready for the cookies later.

3.  My new Kindle Fire. Hello awesome.  I’ve already finished one book, started another, and now can watch movies, like all the cool people with i-pads.  Can’t wait to take this sucker to the gym for some long runs.

kindle fire

Did you know you can get the entire season of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” for like $5?  Deal.

4.  This house.


What you can’t see in this picture is the Santa driving a NASCAR, the M&M men, the polar bears riding the Ferris wheel, or the Nativity scene….which conveniently got moved to the neighbors yard, next to Frosty.

What you can’t hear in this picture is the blaring Christmas music radio station or my family laughing hysterically.

5.  Quality family time… such as eating a delicious turkey dinner , opening gifts, or watching Bridesmaids.

bridesmaids poop in street

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Hope you are enjoying a relaxing day with family and friends and food!


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The Glitz!

Today I started my day off with a workout at Urban Active, the gym near my parents house.  It’s basically like a Gold’s, just different name and colors.  I found a “12 days of fitness” pass online for free sessions… which is way better than paying $35 for the week like I did last year.  Luckily, since I don’t live here, they didn’t make me sit down with a membership person to discuss options (I really hate doing that, btw). 

I went to the cardio cinema to… bike… (PS Heather I could not find a rowing machine anywhere.. shoot) and I watched about an hour of Four Christmases.

four christmases

I love Vince Vaughn.  Such funny mannerisms.  I was laughing so hard at one point that luckily I was the only person in the room.  Might have gotten embarrassing.

After the gym I headed home to get ready for “Girls Lunch” at The Glitz in Nonesuch, Ky.  It’s located in the basement of this antique store called Irish Acres.

Wow… I could not have prepared myself for the store and stuff inside.

glitz 1

glitz 2

glitz 3

Sorry- the pictures are kind of terrible because they were taken from my cell phone, but holy moly you would not believe the stuff inside.  There were antiques and crap EVERYWHERE. 

My grandma would have really loved this place.  Sparkly, dangly, shiny shit was everywhere you turned your head.  And it’s all incredibly (and surprisingly) expensive.  There was a crystal knife rest for $65.  A large human looking fox person for $400.  You know, stuff you would never, ever need… but someone might actually want.

Lunch was amazing- there were 15 of us ‘mothers and daughters’ and the food was great.  I couldn’t take any pictures because my battery died, but I had chestnut soup, a seafood mix that was served in a seashell, and Nonesuch pie, which was heaven on earth.

glitz mom and me

(The boot adds about an inch and a half to my height.. so I look tall! woohoo!)

Are you ready for Christmas yet??  My last gift came in the mail today, so I’m all done! (Sorry to those of you who are not.) Just a couple of more days to get ready!

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