25 days until


1.  I cannot even believe it is already December.  Where did the year go?  I feel like I just got used to writing 2011 on papers, and it’s almost 2012.  Isn’t the world supposed to end or something?


2.  Well, today was another fun day at school.  Substitute ‘stressful’ for fun and then that sentence is true. 

Overall, it was a good day… most of our kids are finally kind of getting subtraction and regrouping, so that’s a big success.   Any day that brain balls (skittles) are passed out during math class, it’s a good day. 

brain balls


3.  This afternoon, the fave and I ran a mile to the gym.  I did not want to go.  Not even a tiny little bit.  I was in my gym clothes and sitting on the couch dreading going.  But then we went anyway because he made me.  Not totally true… but I figured since I’d be eating a pound of feta for dinner I’d better just go.

for anything

Then I did 6 miles in 49 minutes.  Fastest I’ve run in a looooooooooong ass time.  So, overall I had a good 7 mile run today, which felt awesome.  It feels good to run more and feel good about it after being a bit lazy for a couple of weeks.   I need to create a schedule so I can keep myself accountable for some runs.  Or maybe I should just sign up for a race before March.

My foot didn’t hurt at all during the run, although now it’s starting to bother me a little.  I guess it’s time to water bottle.

4.  I had dinner with one of my favorite friends today at one of my favorite places- Joe’s Inn.  Remember me talking about homemade feta?  Um, yes, I stuffed my face and yes, it was amazing. 

But when I got home I was hungry again.  And I saw this.  And I thought those were little red Twizzlers and I got excited. 

Pinned Image

It’s sad, really.  Now all I can think about are the Swedish Fish in my cabinet.

5.  Kentucky basketball is BAD-ASS.  For real.  I mean, even Dick Vitale agrees (and he doesn’t even actually like Kentucky, which is a wonder in itself).  I’m watching them kill St. John’s right now and they are just seriously amazing and talented.  And I’m ready for basketball season now and the awesome games coming up.

6.  Today I signed up for the Monument Ave 10k.  It’s the only 6 mile race I’ll pay money to run in.  Let’s be honest, when I’m running normally I’ll run six miles.. I don’t need to pay anyone to make me do that.  

It is definitely one of the most fun races Richmond holds each year.  I’ve beat my 10k time each year and am going for under 50 minutes in March… so, guess I need to start speeding up a little!

A couple of my best friends dress up for the race each year.  I wish I were that funny, but I’m not.

2011- Toilet paper stuck to a shoe— which also won 2nd place in the newspaper costume contest! Hello $250.

2010- Out of control Prius’—no one really got the joke—this is during the time period where Prius’ were trying to kill their owners… clever, right?

So, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.  I’ll be the boring one who is trying to beat her own time. 

Lame, Kath, Lame.



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  1. Leah

    This made my day. Favorite post of late!! Thanks for meeting me for dinner! I had serious dreams of feta all night… Mmmmmm

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