Why do weekends go by so quickly?

It feels like I just got home Friday.  Ugh.

I spent Friday night shopping for Christmas presents, thinking that Friday night isn’t the most popular time to go to the mall…and, I was right. 

Although, I ended up buying only one present and new jeans for myself and new pillows for my bed.  So… shopping for presents= fail.

Saturday morning I decided it was a nice enough morning for a run.  Outside.  I want you to remember the three different times during marathon training when I fell/ tripped/ laid on my ass because of cracks in the sidewalk, sticks, leaves…

Needless to say, it was my first outside run since the race over a mile, and I was more than just a little nervous about it.  My ankle is still slightly bruised and there are leaves on the ground and potholes and twigs and lots of tiny things that trip me up, both figuratively and literally. 

byrd park

But I made it!  Without falling!  Or breaking anything!  I wanted to stop and feed the ducks but all I had were Swedish fish, and that’d just be a waste. 7 wondrous miles without killing myself or ending up on the ground… Win.  I was going to continue running because I felt really good so I went to pick up the fave to go to the gym and ended up on the couch watching TV.  Whoops.  Maybe next weekend.

I spent the day folding laundry, putting up some decorations and watching Kentucky beat North Carolina.  Someone (not me) accidentally threw the entire box of dryer sheets into the dryer with the huge pile of clothes.  After pulling about 25 out initially… this is what was left after folding the clothes.

dryer sheets

So, that was a mess. 

Last night we went to a fun Christmas party where I proceeded to drink a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit of red wine.  Maybe a bottle.  Or two.  And I didn’t eat dinner…. so you know that doesn’t turn out well.  On the way home I forced the fave to stop at Taco Bell (it was the only thing open on the way home) to just “get me some food… I don’t care just order me something”.  And then I ate about 5 tacos before deciding I wanted to order a pizza as well.  Luckily, I fell asleep right then. 

So thankfully I didn’t eat an entire pizza, which would have happened had it been in front of me.

Because of all the wine and no dinner, today’s workout was…. interesting.  While getting ready I fell asleep and drooled all over my pillow.  The fave told me to “stop being so sexy” after telling him that and blowing my nose in the wind while running.  It’s so tough to be around this beautiful person all the time, I know.  At least I made it to the gym, right?  I did a little running, elliptical and bike before pretending to lift for 3.4 seconds.  Why can’t I get into that?? I need motivation!! Or direction!!

After gymming it, we finally went out to get the Christmas tree.   It is just a plain ol’ tree still, but we did get the mantle decorated!  Three cute stockings…one for me, one for the fave, and of course one for Derbs.  She loves opening presents, especially when they’re filled with something edible.

xmas fireplace

Unfortunately for her though she’s not going to be getting any edible gifts this year.  We’re still working on making sure her tummy doesn’t drag on the ground.

Sooooooooooooo only 2 work weeks until break…… Yesssssssssssssss



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3 responses to “Why do weekends go by so quickly?

  1. Sarah

    Hey so this is totally unrelated but u will forgive me!!! Guess what favorite peanut butter has a four pack on sale one of each flavor for TWENTY BUCKS!!! group cheer!!!!!!!!!

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