Dear Daylight Savings,

I really, really like you in mid- July and August.  However, I’m not sure this “dark at 4:30” thing is really up my alley come December.  We need to fix something.




The darkness makes me SO lazy.  I am pretty sure I suffer from seasonal affective disorder… Or, that’s what I blame for having a lack of energy.  Too bad I can’t live in the islands somewhere. 


This afternoon’s workout was a tough one… only because it was dark when I got to the gym.  I pushed out 5 quick miles and biked for 15 minutes after.  Today was one of those days when my legs decided they didn’t want to do anything—maybe they suffer from the seasonal affective disorder too.  It never felt like I loosened up or got into a groove.  I’ve decided I need to sign up for a race in the next month or two so I have something motivating me to run more…. Does anyone know of any good ones near Virginia?  Maybe half marathons?  I need something.

How do you motivate yourself to workout when you don’t feel like it?  How do you push yourself? 

Why does it always seem like Mondays are incredibly busy?  It’s weird to finally be sitting on the couch.  I never thought this time would come…at 7:45 this morning. 

Do you know what I like about my job?  When the kids finally (and this hardly ever happens) get excited to learn something.  You should have seen them today when they were learning about multiplication and what it really means… It was like I had given them all huge pieces of chocolate cake they were so excited. 

And, promptly after math ended, so did the whole “I like learning!” attitude.  I guess I’ll take it when I can get it.

Oh and later, two kids fell asleep. 

So, thanks parents, for making sure your kids get the appropriate hours of sleep per night.  No big deal..who cares about learning and school anyway?  It most definitely is way more important to stay up late to watch that football game or rated M video game.  Most definitely.

rated m

Welp.  It’s 7:15 and pitch black outside.  I think I’ll be going to bed soon…. Yes, I am fun.  Especially on a Monday.



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6 responses to “Dear Daylight Savings,

  1. Sarah

    Va is for lovers 14k in feb!

  2. I feel you. I hate that when I get out of work, it is already dark outside…and cold! It’s tough to get motivated when all you want to is curl up on the couch. Short days suck…I want summer back 😦

  3. Sarah

    Hey r u signed up for shamrock yet?

  4. I hate this time of year because almost all of my marathon training is done in the dark. It’s so depressing.

    Come run the Virginia is for Lovers 14k!! Super fun race!

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