Three Things Thursday 11

Whoops.  Forgot to post this morning…

1.  So yesterday my PiC and I were talking about how Alec Baldwin got kicked off a plane because he wouldn’t turn off his i-pad.  We had an entire conversation about how narcissistic some of these celebrities must be if they truly think they don’t need to follow random safety instructions on planes like everyone else.

My comment was, “I can’t believe he would act like that.  He doesn’t seem like the type of person who would throw a fit on an airplane.”

artwalk 281107

And this afternoon I realized I was thinking of Billy Baldwin.  Not Alec Baldwin, the guy who called his daughter a pig or whatever.  Whoops.  Guess I’m not totally up on my Hollywood news.

And I felt like an idiot. 

2.  Who’s the strange red headed drama queen trying to get some air time on RHOBH???


I don’t know if anyone told her, but she’s not actually on the show.  She’s an extra.  And she’s trying to steal the limelight and I don’t like it.

3.  Christmas movie of the week- The Polar Express

My favorite Christmas book (that I always wanted the box set to, which I never got, btw) turned Christmas movie starring Tom Hanks turned what’s happening in room 207 next Friday afternoon.

Also, the kid looks JUST like one of my former students.  It’s like he became a cartoon.

polar express

polar express santa


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One response to “Three Things Thursday 11

  1. Evie

    I never knew you wanted the Polar Express box set…we have the book, I read it to you and I always cried. Love Mom

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