….stress fracture.

That’s what I heard today when I finally went to the doctor about my achy foot. 


So, until I get my bone scan I am in this big lug of a boot.


I went to the Ortho On Call doctor today and they took x-rays of my right foot, specifically of the arch and bone on the outside of the foot.  After reading about plantar fasciitis (thanks, Kara!), I thought maybe that’s what it was, because that’s something that can affect long distance runners, but nope… apparently I’m a perfect candidate for a stress fracture- white, female, slim, runner, weak bones.  Sweet.

I have to schedule a bone scan tomorrow, so hopefully I can get that in this week so I can either a)rule it out and take this 5lb plastic thing off my foot, or b) figure it out and treat it right.

In the meantime, I’m obviously not allowed to run.  I am, however, allowed to cycle and swim, so it’s a good thing I actually like cycling.  Now all I need are those padded shorts.  Anyone in Richmond know where to get a pair? 

The fave is very excited I can do some sort of working out so I can find somewhere to place my stress, other than direct it at him 🙂 Hopefully I don’t go too crazy with not getting to run… but, here’s to me being a positive person with a positive outlook!

Send some good thoughts my way, please!!



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11 responses to “Possible…

  1. Sarah

    Positives: yay for being a fatty! i’m less liable to fracture foot bones! 😉 heheheeeeeeeee

    no seriously. go to performance bike on broad. their brand of biking shorts are damn good. and a lil less expensive.

    recover, recover, RECOVER! 🙂

  2. OH NO!!!!!!!! That’s no bueno, I’m sorry 😦

    BUT I think it will be awesome that you get to do spin and swim more often! We all know that I love spin 🙂

  3. Tara

    Oh…..I feel your pain. I’ve had a stress fracture before. It’s hard…..but do what you have to do to recover. The boot is a pain in the ass, but really does help. I did a lot of cycling to stay sane. You can do this!

  4. Nooooo I hope it’s not a stress fracture!! I had two last year at the same time so I know how much they suck. The boot sucks too.

    I ordered all of my padded shorts online but Pearl Izumi makes good shorts (but they’re cut a little boxy) and Shebeest and Teddy make good shorts for women who have thighs that touch!

  5. Awe, lady….what a bummer! 😦
    Sending prayers and recovering vibes your way.

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