A bunch of stuff

1.  Have you ever been the person in a room full of people you don’t know hacking up a lung??  You know what I’m talking about- eyes watering all over your face, no tissues at hand, and cough, cough, cough, cough over and over.   Boy is it embarrassing.  Last night, while waiting in the ortho office, this happened.   I wish I could explain to you how awful it was, because I coughed for a good 3.4 minutes before finally calming down enough to even take in a breath. 


It was like my body wanted to ‘show me’ for going to the doctor that’s not going to cure my cold.  Yes, receptionist, I have a cold.  Stop staring at me like I have boils all over my face. 

2.  It’s been day 1 in the boot.  What was the hardest thing for me today besides getting out of bed?  Realizing that my ‘foot’ now takes up the space of a magazine cover, and that walking without knocking into things is tricky.  I knocked this enormous boot into at least 17 desk legs today and warned my kids that ‘you better give me some space and get your fingers off the carpet or else’ at least 4 times. 


3.  Today I went to the gym and biked for 45 minutes.  It was kind of boring.  I set it on a really high level so I was definitely working hard, and hopefully I burned like three calories.  I also did abs (I’m sitting, right?  So it’s allowed!) and I did girly push ups (thank goodness I cannot do a real one, that would have put too much strain on my foot).  Hopefully I’ll take a cycle class tomorrow and get  more of a workout.  I do have to say, not being able to run really makes me want to run.  Like a lot.  Perhaps I’ll not take it for granted after this heals.

4.  I finally scheduled my bone scan.  Do you know what a bone scan is?  According to webmd.com it is a procedure done to find damage to the bones, or cancer in the bones.  At least after this, I’ll know my bones are (hopefully!) cancer free, right?

Anyway, sometimes a bone scan can take up to five hours.  FIVE HOURS.  Did anyone know this?  I thought it was like an x-ray.  Not so.  So, I’m going in next Tuesday (earliest they have…is this really necessary?? is my insurance going to actually pay for this to find out if I have a broken foot?) morning to get a radioactive substance injected into my arm that will travel through my bloodstream to find cold spots (cancer) or hot spots (fractures) in my bones.  Don’t worry, after I get injected, I’m allowed to leave for lunch (anyone free Tuesday?), and then I need to go back to get the special pictures taken. 

Who knew this was going to be an all day event?  Do you think I’m allowed to kick back a few at lunch?

bone scan

5.  I am watching Suburgatory right now.  Does anyone watch it?  It’s like a TV series knock off from one of my favorite movies,  Mean Girls.  Definitely not as humorous as Mean Girls, but I definitely giggle a few times each episode.  And now that I’m realizing it, the across the street neighbor is actually Cady’s mom from Mean Girls… nice touch.

mean girls



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2 responses to “A bunch of stuff

  1. What side of town? Unless it was rhetorical I might be free for lunch! Lol

  2. It doesnt take 5 hours 🙂 I’ve had them done three times (isnt that sad). Usually they inject you and do a pre-scan which is pretty quick. Then you leave for 2ish hours, come back, and they scan again you which can take anywhere from 30 min to an hour. It shouldnt be long if they are just scanning the foot area. I always bully the techs into telling me what they see even though they arent supposed to. I got my injection and then went back to work. Lunch would work too! And drink lots of water!!

    Walking around in the boot is freakin annoying. Whats more annoying is people yelling “OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU”. Stop asking bitches! But if you’re flying anywhere, you totally get to preboard which is freakin awesome!

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