Three Things Thursday 12

1.  Shit Girls Say- Episode 1.  I just want to thank whoever made this.

The chips in bed is my favorite part.  And yes, I often have to walk back to check and make sure I locked my doors. 

2.  Now that I can’t really walk around malls/ stores/ anywhere but work, I had to finish some of my Christmas shopping online yesterday.  I got my mom a super cute _________________ (sorry, mom, not telling) from _________________ and, being the cost conscious person I am, chose the free shipping option—7-9 business days.   The next option was $12 for 3-5 days… so I figure, why not chance it.  There’s 9 business days before Christmas weekend so it should arrive on time. 

It shipped yesterday.  Soooooooooooo sorry to all the suckers who paid an extra $12 to get it in the mail 35 seconds sooner than mine. 

I win.

3.  Christmas movie of the week— And I’d love to just have a lot more Love Actually, but since I talked about that Sunday that would be silly.

This week- The Family Stone…gosh SJP is such a snotty b-word in this movie.

family stone (Talk about an awkward scene here.)

family stone sjp



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3 responses to “Three Things Thursday 12

  1. Kerry

    I love that movie. I just watched it last week. I agree that scene is absolutely awkward. I couldn’t wait for it to end or for her to just stop talking!

  2. Ahh, don’t even get me going on shipping! I ordered one present on Tuesday this week and it came yesterday. Awesome. But yet, the present I ordered on December 2 still isnt here even though it “shipped” on December 5. NOT HAPPY!

  3. Haha love the youtube video! Showed it to my roommate, she died with laughter!

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