Last day of work, 2011

Yesterday was a long day… for no reason.  I woke up tired, I stayed tired, and I ended my day… tired.

I was supposed to have a fun gym date with one of my friends to try out a new cycle class (at a different gym than I normally sweat in), but I didn’t go.

You can imagine my uncomfortable-ness, because although this gym is only three miles from my house, I’ve been there exactly 3 times, including yesterday.  And I had no idea where the cycle room was.  And I wandered around in my dumb boot like an idiot while everyone stared. 

Finally I settled on the stupid stationary bike and managed 30 minutes before leaving.  I only left because I had no idea where all the ab stuff was, and I felt like the meatheads were staring, judgingly.  When I got home i actually did abs, and a tiny bit of arms… per usual. 

So, since not being able to exercise like normal, I’ve decided I can’t chow down on as many carbs/ calories/ carbs as usual… Which is tough because it’s the holiday season and there are cookies everywhere.  Even in my house (that’s probably my fault, though).  Cookies are EVERYWHERE.  There’s candy, and chocolate, and just so.many.bad.decisions.

I’ve been trying to eat more vegetables and less bread…and last night I ended up eating ice cream out of the carton.  So, it’s safe to say I’m not doing too well with the whole ‘self control’ thing.


(Yes, I really tried.  But eventually, the cupcake was eaten.  Thankfully, I threw at least a bite and a half away… just so I could say, “No, didn’t eat the entire cupcake”.

This morning I was talked into (by my PiC) going to a body pump class before work…. and since she’s had the boot, I figured she was right.  It went okay.  There were a couple of things I couldn’t do (blame it on the boot), but for the most part, it was upper body stuff.  It was a pretty good workout (2nd new class for me…that’s huge) but since I’d never been before I didn’t know how much weight for each exercise I needed.  I think next time I’ll be more prepared, and I’m already feeling it in my shoulders.

Today was the last day of work before “Winter Break” (no more Christmas… might offend someone), and as usual, it was crazy times one million.

I only got a couple gifts this year…. and here they are:



If you couldn’t tell by my Droid’s picture taking skills, one flower is real, and one flower is not.  Yes, that’s glitter you’re seeing sprayed all over the daisy.  Supposedly non toxic glitter, so Derby, eat away.

We had a Polar Express afternoon, in which no less than 15 cups of hot chocolate were spilled and 54 candy canes were ‘sucked’ into sharp weapons.  You know how it goes. 

One parent walked out of the room today and just said, “Thank you.  For what you do.”  And it was kind of nice knowing that a parent, who only watched a movie with the kids, realized what a demanding job this whole teacher thing is…. and maybe next year we’ll all get gift cards for Christmas 🙂  Or, 100% parent participation in their child’s life…. I’d take either.

Needless to say, after the crazy day and crazier school year so far, this teacher is ready for a break.  The weekend plus some. 

Happy Friday, friends!



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5 responses to “Last day of work, 2011

  1. Leah

    BAHHHH What a Call Out! Here are some rebuttals my friend:

    1) You said “MAYBE”!!!!
    2) You didnt confirm until after 5:00 pm (which I was already at my company holiday party by then and you would have been out of class already and could have confirmed EARLIER)
    3) You sometimes “ah hem” have a way of forgetting to text me back. OR ignore me altogether. Ha. I mean I know I can get annoying and everything but COME ON!

    Give a girl some slack!

    How can I make it up to you? Will you ever forgive me?!?!?!

    Love you Mean It!

  2. hahahahaaaaaaa i’m laffin at your friend.

    beyond that, what gym? i go to Gold’s. we could meet up sometime and sweat together if u likey, if u go there.

    beyond beyond THAT, it’s good to know a teacher keeps tabs on parent participation. that means i’m way up the ladder of likeability bc i bust my ass to be involved w my kids, even if its just for a few min, or for silly stuff. (one day theyll appreciate it) 😉

    well i hope u have a great break!!!!! 🙂 and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! 😉

  3. Yay golds!! Which one do you go to??

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