Busy Monday

It’s amazing how productive a Monday can be when you don’t have to go to work!  I should do this more often… or become a stay at home cat owner?  Is that allowed?

I had a relaxing morning and got to watch all of the Today Show while drinking coffee (usually I only get 20 minutes, so it was a win).  Gosh, I love that Al Roker and his funny weather puns.

I pulled myself together mid-morning to attack the world and finish up Christmas shopping.  I was hoping that if I was out in the morning, on a Monday, things wouldn’t be so bad… but that wasn’t the case.  It was definitely busy out, but after a couple hours of parking, booting up, shopping, de-booting, driving, booting… you get it… I am finally finished with everyone on my list!

I made it to Target, Barnes and Noble, PetSmart, the baby store, the bike store and the library.   I managed to get Derby a new cat carrier, which will be her home for 8 hours later this week on our drive to Kentucky.  I’m sure by then she will absolutely love it. 


After getting all of that finished, I made it to the gym….where, guess what I did…. I biked. 

I biked 51 minutes, split between the upright bike and stationary bike.  For some reason I was really feeling it today- my heart rate was definitely up.  I did a bunch of abs and more pushups than normal- and I’m hoping I’m keeping myself in decent shape so I’ll be able to run when this is all over!  I have a half marathon mid-March, so hopefully I’ll have enough time to train for that…and hopefully I am not losing all of my endurance taking all of these weeks off 🙂

I’m trying to get everything around my apartment clean before leaving for Christmas… and right now I’m lacking motivation…. maybe if I pour a small glass of wine…



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7 responses to “Busy Monday

  1. Tell me about these pushups….did you see my post on friday? I can’t do pushups! HELP. ME.

    • I thought I replied to your push up post?? Whoops!
      I can’t do real push ups either, just girl ones. I thought I was going to do the 100 pushups a day for 100 days… but I tried to start Saturday (day after I did body pump), and I could barely move my arms, so it didn’t happen. Currently I’m doing 50 lame ones a day… better than nothing, right??

  2. Sarah

    Did u get some über kewl cycling shorts?

    • I went to both stores in carytown and neither had my size… So no 😦 annoying!

      • michelle

        try 3sports or rei. they’ve got some good ones. pricey but worth it. trust me! dicks carries them too but limited brands/sizes. there’s also a tri store on patterson/parham called endorphin. hope to pull out my shorts and join you ladies soon!

  3. Kara

    I can’t wait! Your bringing Derbs? Does that mean you can stay longer?

  4. I seriously need a personal assistant for the month of December. I’m already stressed out about Christmas shopping and it seems like everyone but me is done. I went to the mall last night, walked around for at least a hour, and came out empty handed. So annoying! Tis the season to stress me out!

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