Fire alarm trouble

Tuesday started off with my fire alarm shrieking every five minutes from 5am to 6am.  In my sleepy, NyQuil induced haze, I grabbed a dish towel and started waving the non-existent smoke away.  Then, I decided I needed to change the batteries, or at least take the failing ones out.  After I lugged a trunk over to the area, I realized the smoke alarm is on the ceiling, which is 12 feet tall.  Damn.

fire alarm

Finally, at 6 it stopped and I fell back to sleep for an hour. 

What a way to wake up.

Anyway, today was the day of my big bone scan.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous, but it was fine…. after getting checked in.  Of course all the nurses forgot about me while they were jabbering in the waiting room for 30 minutes before actually checking me in… but after that it was pretty easy.

I got injected with some radioactive stuff–

Nurse:Ma’am is there any possibility you are pregnant? 

Me: No.

Nurse: Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: I’m injecting you with a radioactive substance, so that wouldn’t be good.

After that awkward exchange, I got a few pictures taken of my feet, and then I was allowed to leave for a few hours.  I ended up heading to the gym to… bike… and pretend to lift and do abs and push ups.  It felt good to get moving, but man, I miss the running.

I went back to the hospital in the afternoon to get my radioactive bones pictured, which took a little longer.  After a little prying, I got the nurse to tell me that she didn’t see any fractures!!! Yes!!! 

It’s not confirmed by the doctor yet, but I’m sooooooo happy that I’m fracture free (I hope!)… although this presents the question:  What is wrong with my foot??  It has to be something, because it hurts… but what?

Anyway… I guess until I get a confirmation from my doctor I shouldn’t run and I should still continue to wear the hideous boot.   Any suggestions?

After being at the hospital forrrrrrrever I made it home for lunch (at 3:00pm) and over to my hair appointment!  I’d take a picture for you, but I’m not sure you care that much…and it’s already in a ponytail 🙂

Happy Tuesday Friends!



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  1. I definitely care that much. I mean, didn’t you see my Aspaeris pics this morning, sans showering or makeup? I could use some tips! 😉

    Glad they *tentatively* didn’t find anything! That’s great!

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