We made it!

This morning I had to finish packing and drug Derby for the drive to Kentucky. 

She refused to take her pill and pretty much tried to shun me as best as she could before being shoved into the cat carrier for a 7.5 hour drive.


Prior to all of this action, I called the doctor to check in about my foot.  NO FRACTURE!  Yes!!! But, I still have to wear the stinkin boot.  Dang.  They told me to keep on using the boot until I go see the orthopedist next Tuesday because my foot is still hurting….sooo that stinks.  At least it’s not a fracture though- which has this girl very happy.  Maybe another week or so in the boot and I’ll feel like new!  Or, at least know what’s wrong so I can fix it. 

So, I decided to follow bessbefit’s lead and use my on demand fitness channel because I don’t think I could stomach yet another day of biking (It’s been like 8 days in a row… I needed a break).  I found a 25 minute kickboxing video that I did.  In the boot.  Boy was that interesting. 

kickboxing tv

It wasn’t an amazing workout, but for 25 minutes and in a boot, it was pretty good.  I just needed to move a little before sitting in the car for the rest of the day.

My drive was uneventful and gray.  It rained nearly the entire way through Virginia and West Virginia, and going around those mountains (like in the song) and down those hills is kind of scary in pouring rain…

Dreary day in Virginia


Foggy day in West Virginia

VA fog

I think I see Leah and Corey from Teen Mom 2!

west va

Finally making it to God’s country… Kentucky… where it’s beautiful and sunny and awesome.


With the cutest (and seriously best ever today) travel buddy. 


Just look at that cutie.  She only whined for a bit (which is waaaaaaaaaay less than her normal 7.5 hours of constant yowling) and was so calm and normal and cute to look at… and she didn’t even ingest her sedative.  Miracles do happen, folks.

Don’t mind the red bag at the corner of the picture… those are just my seeds.  I’m a redneck.

When I finally got home it was dark and time for dinner, wrapping presents and time alone with my parents before the bro comes home tomorrow. 

And cat fights, as Derbs and Topey (my parents cat) aren’t necessarily fond of each other.  There’s been a lot of growling and old lady noises coming from the cats.  Derby immediately left her carrier and ran to the food bowl, where food is plentiful.  We’re all gaining weight this week, even Derby.

What are your Christmas travel plans? Are you some of the lucky few who don’t have to drive hours upon end to see family?



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3 responses to “We made it!

  1. Sarah

    I’m making brunch for the fam…starring my yummylicious Creme Brûlée French Toast! Yummmmmm! I hope u enjoy your fam time! 🙂

  2. Yay I’m glad you dont have a fracture! Enjoy your trip!!

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