The Glitz!

Today I started my day off with a workout at Urban Active, the gym near my parents house.  It’s basically like a Gold’s, just different name and colors.  I found a “12 days of fitness” pass online for free sessions… which is way better than paying $35 for the week like I did last year.  Luckily, since I don’t live here, they didn’t make me sit down with a membership person to discuss options (I really hate doing that, btw). 

I went to the cardio cinema to… bike… (PS Heather I could not find a rowing machine anywhere.. shoot) and I watched about an hour of Four Christmases.

four christmases

I love Vince Vaughn.  Such funny mannerisms.  I was laughing so hard at one point that luckily I was the only person in the room.  Might have gotten embarrassing.

After the gym I headed home to get ready for “Girls Lunch” at The Glitz in Nonesuch, Ky.  It’s located in the basement of this antique store called Irish Acres.

Wow… I could not have prepared myself for the store and stuff inside.

glitz 1

glitz 2

glitz 3

Sorry- the pictures are kind of terrible because they were taken from my cell phone, but holy moly you would not believe the stuff inside.  There were antiques and crap EVERYWHERE. 

My grandma would have really loved this place.  Sparkly, dangly, shiny shit was everywhere you turned your head.  And it’s all incredibly (and surprisingly) expensive.  There was a crystal knife rest for $65.  A large human looking fox person for $400.  You know, stuff you would never, ever need… but someone might actually want.

Lunch was amazing- there were 15 of us ‘mothers and daughters’ and the food was great.  I couldn’t take any pictures because my battery died, but I had chestnut soup, a seafood mix that was served in a seashell, and Nonesuch pie, which was heaven on earth.

glitz mom and me

(The boot adds about an inch and a half to my height.. so I look tall! woohoo!)

Are you ready for Christmas yet??  My last gift came in the mail today, so I’m all done! (Sorry to those of you who are not.) Just a couple of more days to get ready!


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  1. So sad there was no rowing machine! What kind of gym was this; a gym for ants?! (haha, get it?!)

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