Three Things Thursday… 13

1.  Hope you’re all ready for the end of the world. As of yesterday, we are one year away from the end of the world…according to the Mayan calendar.  So, it looks like we’ve all got 364 days to get everything done. 

end of world

I, for one, have a few things on my list to complete (these are just a sample of a much longer and detailed list):

  • Participate in a hot dog eating contest (shove it down your gullet, Phyllis)
  • Meet a real pirate
  • Meet Johnny Depp if there are no real pirates available (he’s from Kentucky… I might have a chance)
  • Get a 200 point word in Words with Friends
  • Teach Derby to sit, stay and roll over
  • Finagle my way into a White House dinner
  • Beat a Kenyan in a race

2.  Speaking of the end of the world, I just remembered this video.  If you reeeeeeeally don’t like the f word, don’t watch this.


That’s a pretty sweet earth, you might say.

3.  And, onto a much happier and positive note.. Christmas movie of the week- Miracle on 34th Street. Love this one!  I forced the fave to watch it (for the first time ever) this week.  I think it’s a tad bit creepy that Santa just chills in the little girl’s bedroom when she’s going to bed, but whatever.  It was made in a time where people were nice and didn’t do bad things to one another.



Maureen O’Hara was so pretty.  And I loved her in The Parent Trap, fyi.

This begs the question:  Will you be 100% straightforward with your kids about Santa, Easter Bunny, etc. or will you want and encourage their imagination?



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3 responses to “Three Things Thursday… 13

  1. Lucy

    I’ll chime in on this one! Being Santa is the best thing ever!!!! There’s all kinds of fun things out there to play Santa with. For instance, you can have Santa call your kids. Molly’s face just LIT up! Last night i downloaded an app that let me make a video from Santa… I added pictures of the girls and everything. It was awesome :). Let’s get togeher- I miss you!

    • Is it weird that I am suuuuuuuuper excited about having kids just so I can be Santa? Not the only reason, but still.. such a fun time! I would LOVE you see you while I’m home. Can we make it happen?

  2. I love that movie! I’ve watched the original twice this year, and the remake once even 🙂 I’m totally encouraging my kids to believe in Santa–it makes this time of year more magical 🙂

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