Too Small, Makers

I’m a Makers Mark Ambassador

I’m from Kentucky, I love bourbon (though I don’t drink it nearly enough, in ambassador standards), and I like gifts, so it all works out perfectly.

Makers Mark sends their ambassadors Christmas gifts (or holiday gifts, whichever you prefer) every year.  They’ve been things like gift wrap, gift bags, bar napkins… stuff like that.  This year I pull out my gift, and I’m like… wtf is this for?

makers t

It obviously was not a gift for Derby (who, by the way, I had to chase around to get that picture….for some reason she freaks whenever I try and put clothes on her…weird, right?).

Lo and behold, it’s a sweater for my bourbon.  Clever. 


If only I had one to match…

Today I spent half the day driving back from DC with the fave- we went up there last night for some work stuff, and I have to say… I’m not sure I could ever live there with all of that traffic.  I missed lunch with some of my favorite people because a garbage truck fell off the highway and dumped all of the trash everywhere.  Of course everyone had to stop and look, which added another hour onto the drive.  Super exciting start to the Wednesday.

This afternoon I made it to the gym (but not  until after a quick nap) and was excited to do ‘cardio’ that didn’t include only biking.  I managed 40 minutes on the elliptical (might be a new record for me… plus, my feet didn’t fall asleep) and 15 minutes on the bike.  I did my 50 daily girl push ups, plus abs and biceps, triceps and shoulder presses.  Huge arm day for me.  Can anyone send me a good arm workout that doesn’t take forever?  I need something to follow because I don’t really know what to do…

It felt good to get moving today after stuffing my body full of random foods the last few days.  I did a pretty good job of going to the gym while I was home, but without running, it’s not the same feeling (or results), so I am really excited to start physical therapy and get my old person insoles so I can run again.  I’m hoping to be able to do a 15k in 3.5 weeks… but that might be ambitious.  We’ll see what the doctor says I guess.

The rest of my day will be spent cleaning my apartment, putting away Christmas stuff, and catching up on my DVR from the week I was gone.  My break is going by waaaaaaaaaaay too quickly… only a few days left!



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4 responses to “Too Small, Makers

  1. LOL. A bourbon sweater. Awesome. Just awesome. That makes me want to clothe all my liquor bottles now and then ask a friend to get it out of the cabinet for me.

    I need to put my Christmas stuff away. I’m such a Christmas scrooge this year. Usually I leave up my stuff till after the new year but not this time! *stomps foot*

  2. allison

    My brother “gave” my dear Mabel that sweater for Christmas b/c he thought it would fit. I haven’t tried yet but since her belly touches the floor sometimes I am guessing it won’t work 😦

    • Um, if Mabel is anything like ol Derbs, that sweater will barely cover one leg. I had to chase her to get it to just sit on her back, so I’m going to just go ahead and say it doesn’t fit and keep it for the bourbon. SO good seeing you the other day btw!

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