Three Things Thursday 14

1.  Shit Girls Say Episode 2

Not as good as episode 1…. buuuuuuut I’ll take it.


2.  This was mentioned in a Yahoo article about places where cars are not allowed:

Tangier Island, Virginia: On this island in Chesapeake Bay, three things are not allowed: cars, credit cards and alcohol. But before you cancel your reservations, there’s boating, crabbing, biking, buggy tours, white sand beaches and more. Still not convinced? OK, you can rent golf carts here, too, if you really feel the need for speed.

I mean, I’m not even worried about the whole ‘no car thing’. 

Um.. .does this mean you can’t even bring a beer to the island?  What’s boating without beers?  Or beach without beers?

boating beer 2

It’s not as fun, that’s what.

3.  Samoa is canceling  this Friday.  They’re moving the international dateline so they’re in the same time zone as New Zealand and Australia so trading will be easier.

Soooo instead of being the last nation to celebrate the new year, they’re going to be the first nation to celebrate the new year.

I’m confused.   Why not cancel Monday instead?  Don’t waste the canceling of a day on a Friday. 

samoa cancel friday



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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday 14

  1. I think I know which island I’m never going to.

  2. Evie

    Actually I have been to Tangier Island and though there are no cars, you can rent bikes and bike around the island. And I suspect there is alcohol on the island if you know the right people. It is quite flat and the people are quite friendly. I have never had such fresh crabmeat as I did when we went there – hmmmmm. It is about 45 minutes by boat from Crisfield MD. Love Mom

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