It’s a new year,

which means there are a gazillion more people at the gym.  It also means there are a gazillion more girls with their hair down putting on some sort of fashion show.  And, it means that I have to find new times to workout to avoid standing around waiting for anything. 

All in all… it’s January 3. 

I’m hoping this will last until (or sooner, preferably) mid- February and then it will be all mine again. All mine!

new years

Sunday, after a semi- lame but perfect new years, I trucked it to the gym to begin the year off on a good foot.  I got the idea from Heather to do intervals with the bike and rowing machine, which I haven’t been on in years.  After elliptical-ing, I did 2 sets of 5 minutes on each.  The main reason I had to stop is because I had already acquired four new lovely blisters on my delicate hands. 


If you think I didn’t whine and bitch about them for the next 24 hours, you must not know me.

So, the whole rowing thing might be put on the shelf for awhile. Or maybe I’ll get tough and try it again, after I’ve rubbed my hands on a cold log for 5 hours. 

Anyway… In other workout news, yesterday we went back to kickboxing…and holy shit was it packed.  I mean, not nearly as good of a workout the first time we went, mainly because there wasn’t much room to do things to change it up.  I’m not sure if it’s just not an amazing workout as I had pictured in my head or if I’m not working very hard, but the jury’s still out on whether or not this is something that feels like a worthwhile workout for me.

I’m still continuing to run my mile a day and trying to build back up my endurance, but it’s tough.  I really feel like I went from 100 to 4 in a month, and it sucks.  I’ve been doing this gazelle type elliptical at the gym that definitely works me…especially when I take my hands off the machine, but it just isn’t the same, and I cannot wait to get my special soles and hopefully feel like a speedster, or at least like a human who can run a few miles. 

I had planned on signing up for the Frostbite 15k in a few weeks, but I think it might be a little ambitious to run 9 miles a week after I’m allowed to start.  Any opinions?

What else is new in my life… hmm… welp, I’m trying to not eat carbs for a week just to see if I can do it, and mother f-er I cannot.  I need carbs.


I feel very much like the poor man in the picture right now.  All I can think about are the pretzel rods that I’d really like to dip in some sort of queso.  Mexican. Yum.

But it’s not happening.  At least, not until Friday.  I’m not trying it for a full week… I am pretty sure 6 days is enough.  Hey willpower, I’d love to see you around the next few days. 

I didn’t really make any new New Years Resolutions this year.  I mean…continue to eat healthy and exercise my body in a safe way (aaaaaaaaaand listen to the doctor and foam roll and don’t run until he says it’s okay). 

Fave and I decided to try something new each month (I know what you’re thinking, dirty minded people)… like new date nights or something.  One is to do a cooking class at some cute (and wine serving, obvi) place downtown, and another is to go to a movie (yes, that seems really lame but in the 3+ years I’ve known him, we’ve only been to two). 

Do you have any good ideas?  Something different and not overly extravagant?



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7 responses to “It’s a new year,

  1. Yay, I’m glad you tried the workout! The rowing machine demolished my hands the first few weeks too (and mine are already pretty worked from climbing!) but it eases off, I promise!!

  2. i’m with you on the gym thing. i’m all for people getting healthy but can’t they do it at someone else’s gym? especially b/c they make the classes easier to give the newbies some glimmer of hope. hence the reason your kickboxing didn’t feel so stellar. give it a few more week. it’ll get better…

    blisters = get lifting gloves. cheap, quick fix

    i also wanted to tune in on your hip/quad/knee alignment. i struggled with hip pain for years and my sports doc cleared up the prob with this little explanation. women athletes are screwed. nice bedside manner right? we’re naturally weaker in hips/knees area and as we get older, have babies, etc. our hips spread outward and drag our quads with them. that brings our muscles out of alignment with our knees. result – hip and knee pain. solution. strengthen inner thighs to bring quads back in alignment and glutes/back (core) to stablize hips. try CX30. it’s killer but you’ll feel SUPER strong and notice less fatigue on runs and less hip/knee pain. i def noticed a difference during this marathon season vs last year. pool is good too as it strengthens back and core.

    ps…carbs are not your enemy. your body needs carbs. honest. w/o them your body eats muscle. not good. just make them nutrionally dense carbs (veggies, fruits, whole grains). pretzels are a weakness for me too. but i have to remember that they don’t stick around long. an apple is a better choice. good carbs that don’t make you crash.

    ok, monologue finished!

    • Michelle! Good to hear from you!
      How often do you do CX30? Do you go regularly? If you do, I might join you sometime and I don’t think they offer it at the fan location.

      I was shocked at how weak I was when the PT did some tests last week, and I’m actually doing all of the exercises he wants me to- so I’m hoping after a few weeks of therapy I’ll start to notice a difference. Plus, the old lady orthotics 🙂

      Also… I should have been more clear on the whole carb thing… just staying away from bread and pasta and bad carbs all week. Bring on the apples and salads and all the good ones 🙂 I went on a bread binge over break and am trying to get out of it! Ha!

      • Never fear, I’m still stalking you from afar!

        Yep i hit CX30 at least 2x/week. Its only at w. lawn right now. There’s a mon 5:00, Tues 7:35, Thurs 7:35 and Sat 10:00 class. It’s a tough tough workout but def worth it. You should come join!

        I used to do 3-4 days of Pilates/Yoga a week and daily abs work and my PT said I needed more core. I thought he was nuts! Now that I’ve been doing CX30 for a few months, I totally understand what he meant. I’m WAY stronger in my back and abs now than I was back then. I noticed better form and less exhaustion on long runs. Never dealt with orthotics so can’t chime in on those. Keep up the exercises!!

        Chips are my weakness. That and dry cereal. Sometimes I think I might have to hide the cereal because I can’t keep my hands out of the container! My break was rough on the diet too. Boredom = snacking.

  3. Sarah

    I’ve always wanted to go on a paintball adventure w my pseudo hubby…nothing says I love u like shooting ur loved one w paint, right?!!? 🙂

    And yeah I’m w that other girl. Why the hell u doin no carbs???? Crazy nut.

  4. I try to eat low-carb all the time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. About the 15k…probably not a great idea. Maybe if it was a 10k, but 15k just seems to be pushing it unless you don’t mind taking it easy and walking some of it.

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