The cold.

I hate the cold.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before.  I actually just hate being cold, so getting out from under my covers to workout this morning was prettttttttttttty miz.  It almost didn’t happen, but then Derby meowed until I got up.  Good motivation there.

I did a 35 minute cardio interval workout on On Demand this morning in my living room, wishing I had smaller than 8 lb weights.  My shoulders were burning.  On fire.  And yes, there were a few times where I had to stop.  Don’t judge.  I’ve always said I’m weak so that’s not anything new.

This afternoon I made it to the gym where I got to run my super mile.  There were like 4 people waiting for treadmills at 5:00….and again, lots of really dressed up girls.  Yuck.  So, instead of fighting the cougars for cardio machines, I headed up to my favorite cycle class ever (okay, the only one I’ve made it all the way through), and shockingly, it wasn’t full.  Don’t tell anyone.  I want it to stay this way!  I really tried to push myself today and was as sweaty as Mary Catherine Gallagher on a bad day.

mary catherine gallagher

Needless to say I am tired this evening and already ready to go to bed.  I think I’ll go crazy and sleep in until 7 tomorrow morning…woah!

Tomorrow afternoon I’ve got PT again, and boy is ol Al going to be proud.  I’ve foam rolled everyday (it’s not gotten any easier fyi.. I grit my teeth every time) and I’ve done all my exercises until they burn.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t increase my 2 minutes of foam rolling.  Maybe I can sweet talk him with some of my great stories.

Oh, in other news… Today I opened my desk drawer and to my surprise, look what I found:


My willpower took a vacation and I opened the cane full of Reese’s Pieces.  I only had a few.  Whoops.  (PiC: bottom right drawer is a treasure chest of good candy.  DO NOT open if you know what’s good for you.)

So- except for the few Reese’s, my ‘no carb’ thing has gone well.  Lots of fruits and veggies and proteins (staying away from bread and pasta)… Does anyone have a good breakfast idea besides scrambled eggs?  I need something good and tasty. 

Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more days left of work!


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  1. Tara

    I like either greek yogurt for breakfast, or Think Thin proten bars. Both are quick and healthy and easy to eat on the run. Or hard boiled eggs too.

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