Three Things Thursday 15… late

1.  Kind of shocking.

Jessica Beil and Justin Timberlake are ENGAGED.  I kind of never thought it would happen. 


Good for them though… and here’s to a long and adultery free marriage!


2.  If you live near an Equinox gym, you may have seen the following ad that ‘promotes health and fitness’.

equinox gym

When I look at this, I imagine that it promotes anorexia and sluttiness.  I’m not sure who chose the model to be ‘fit and healthy’ but when you’re 5’9” and 100lbs, that’s noooooooooot exactly healthy. 

But what do I know?  I’m just a blogger for Virginia who happened to stumble through one marathon.  And maintain a healthy weight my entire life.  But whatever.


3.  Shit Girls Say Episode 3.  You’re Welcome.


I love this.  You’re the best, Judy.


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One response to “Three Things Thursday 15… late

  1. That third one was linked off of the second one you posted. 🙂

    So the Justin/Jessica thing. Eh. Doesn’t she seem kinda boring for him? I mean, she’s beautiful yeah. But he seems like so much FUN and she seems like so much not fun. I think i would be a better match for him. I keep trying to tell him but he won’t return my calls and keeps mentioning things about “restraining orders.”

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