Beautiful Weekend

I’m FINALLY getting over a cold I’ve had since before Christmas break.  It’s been a month of a snotty nose, popping ears, and a scratchy throat.

After being in a NyQuil induced coma last night for 10-12 hours, I feel like a human who doesn’t need to carry tissues and throat lozenges everywhere.  Huge win.

Unfortunately, I had to miss my friend Brooke’s birthday bash.  I even have a new sparkly cute top I had planned on wearing.


Brookie pants I am so sorry I missed all the fun… xoxoxoxo!  (I’ll make it up to you with a special happy hour… let me know when!)

Now, if I can only get my kiddos to cover their mouth while they cough, sneeze, etc, I might be good for the rest of the year.  Although that’s a wish that might be just a littttttttttttttle too big to have answered.  Maybe wearing one of those doctor masks will work?

In other, and more important news, last week I bought season 1 of Shameless for my Kindle fire.  Has anyone watched this yet?  I’ve heard good things, but last night when I watched the first episode, I was super confused and not impressed.


Does anyone know anything about this show?  Does it get better?  I can’t tell if I just wasted $18 or if it was a good investment for my viewing pleasure.

It’s been such a beautiful weekend in Richmond… and I spent most of yesterday sitting in traffic and most of today cleaning my apartment.  Way to take advantage of the awesome weather, Kathleen. 

I did run a mile to the gym with the fave this morning, so that’s something, right?  I did 35 minutes on the red (hard) elliptical, 10 minutes on the bike and some lifting to strengthen my hip muscles.  I couldn’t find this machine anywhere:

hip flexor machine 

When I described it to the man who works at the gym, he directed me to a trainer.  When I described it to the trainer, he looked at me like I was crazy.  So, no help there.  I did most of my prescribed exercises and my right quad is already looking stronger… er… maybe.

Now it’s time to enjoy just a few more hours lying on the couch watching trashy tv before another work week.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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6 responses to “Beautiful Weekend

  1. I’ve never even heard of Shameless. And I watch more TV that is necessary for 3 people so that’s surprising to me!

    • I totally thought you’d be all over this one… plus I was hoping you’d give me a real tv expert’s opinion. It’s on showtime, and apparently I watched the British version…which is not the one with William H Macy.

  2. Sarah

    It gets better. Hang in there sunshine ;). Btw what IS that strange sexual torture-esque looking contraption?????

    • Good! The scary device is called a hip flexor machine…I can strengthen my weak hips and look like a crazy person all at once. Score!

      • Kerry

        I actually have to do that machine all the time at PT. 🙂 Use it with caution because I have been told it will make your hips look big. But that is just the opinion of my sister.

  3. getting sick after a marathon is pretty common. your body is worn down and after you stop the regular running, your body decides that you might be taking a rest and ta-da, you’re sick!

    endurance doesn’t come back quickly. sorry sweetie. if it did, people wouldn’t train for months to run a half or full! you have to build up your endurance again. if it makes you feel any better, i though the 7 miles I ran Sat might put me under!!
    of course, you could have simply been thinking about it too much OR maybe you were running a little faster than you should have. you won’t be able to go back to the pace you used to run at first but you’ll get there soon!

    ahh the hip flexor machine! if you can’t find one, you can still get some work in using bands. check out this link…

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