Jeans or Fat Pants?

1.  Yesterday, after going to the gym and running to the grocery, I finally showered and it was around 2:30.  When I got out of the shower, I had had to decide whether or not I was putting on jeans or just going straight to fat pants.  Jeans mean you’re going somewhere and you’re not a lazy piece.  Fat pants mean the opposite. 

I settled on fat pants.


Do you wear jeans and regular clothes around the house even when you know you’re not going anywhere?

2.  Today one of my kids announced to the class that, “My cousin was a gangster and he escaped from jail for two times.  Now he’s still in a gang but he just walks around with his dog and stuff.” 

This really  inspired a bunch of other kiddos to announce that their cousins, too, were in gangs.  And they steal stuff.  And they go to jail.  And sometimes they get angry (the entire point of the discussion was to how to deal with anger…). 

So… yeah.

No bueno, kiddies. 

3.  I’m going to try that ‘eat protein right after you workout’ thing. 

I’ve been reading on a ton of blogs/ nutrition websites that this helps curb hunger plus helps build muscle (I’d like to get some someday), and since I hardly ever eat right after I workout, I decided I might as well give it a go. 

Today I tried eating half of an EAS Myoplex Lite bar- Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp.  I only at half because I’m going to eat dinner later, but for real, it was hard to stop at half.  It tasted like a protein bar, but so much better.

myoplex lite

I usually don’t like protein bars, but this was pretty good.  I better wake up tomorrow with some sculpted muscles though.

(Just kidding… I’m not that dumb.)

4.  Today’s workout was cardio-rific. 

20 minutes on the treadmill- alternating between one minute of sprints at 8.5 (man, I’ve gotten slow) and 20 seconds at 6.7 pace.  I did 2.5 miles.  Don’t tell Alan.

25 minutes on the hard elliptical

20 minutes alternating between the bike and rowing machine

After the faster running, my legs were definitely more tired than when I run at my normal pace.  I wasn’t really feeling anything in particular today, so I feel like I jumped around the gym a lot switching machines.  Luckily, it got less crowded as the evening went on, and I was able to score good machines.  Also, my blisters are turning into extra skin.  Sexy.

5.  There was another robbing within a mile of my house last night.  I think that puts it up to five since August.  The paper says “six suspects surrounded two VCU students and demanded their wallets.  The suspects got away.”

Again, such detailed reporting going on at the Times Dispatch.  Thank goodness I know who to look for when I’m out wandering around in the middle of the night. 

6.  Saw this the other day…

bird dress

And if you’re wondering, no, I didn’t buy it.  Sorry.  Can’t justify a $50 bird dress. 


Um.  I love this blog.  It’s funny and it’s from the point of Suri Cruise… and I laugh everyday. 

8.  Apparently I was watching the weird British version of Shameless. 

Thank God I didn’t waste $18.99. 


William H. Macy… I know you.  Duh.

Any other good shows you recommend?  Does anyone know whatever happened to Cougar Town by the way?



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13 responses to “Jeans or Fat Pants?

  1. You know, I feel like I could’ve been helpful last week cause I definitely read an article on Cougar Town being moved or something….but I think the ice this weekend fried my brain and I forgot. Sorry, I’ve got nothing 🙂

    Look at you turning into a rowing machine! 🙂 I”m telling you — try that crossfit workout I posted last Thursday too. It made me HURT!

    • Oh my goodness, I am terrible at burpees! But you’re right… I need to try it. I took a kettlebell class once and it was brutal, but that’s how it’s supposed to be when you’re building muscle, right?

      Also, if you happen to remember what happened to Cougar Town, let me know. I miss that show and Big Carl.

  2. protein is important post-workout because it helps repair the muscles you just ripped up. you need some carbs too to replenish the fuel you just burned. your “magic window” is 30 min. after you finish working out. it’s a tricky balance to find a combo that is the right ratios of carb/protein but here’s a few tried and true suggestions…
    greek yogurt and fruit, glass of milk and banana, dried fruit/nuts combo (trail mix – try to avoid the kind w/ m&ms), 1/2 turkey sandwich, cheese stick and an apple, english muffin/rice cake/bagel with pb, fruit smoothie
    google post workout snacks for more ideas. just be careful with protein bars. some have lots of sugars (and aren’t you sugar sensitive?). plus they have more protein than you really need (some up to 30g) if you’re planning to eat dinner soon. and too much protein gets turned into that stuff that sticks to our thighs. my rule of thumb is that real food is better than something in a neat wrapper.

    ps….burpees such but man do they make your shoulders, thighs, and back look good! :o)

    • Don’t worry, according to myfitnesspal, I’ve had 86 grams of protein today… that’s 18 more than my daily goal! go me.

      It’s tough to eat right after a workout because usually I’m not hungry. The Myoplex lite bar has 10 grams of sugar, so if I’m only eating 1/2, then it’s not too bad. I am obsessed with greek yogurt, so that’s usually on the menu 🙂 I’m usually a ‘real food’ person too, but decided I try the bars since they were on sale… I’m a sucker for sales.

      Goal- tomorrow morning- burpee time. We did about 70 in kickboxing on Saturday and I was hurting, but in a good way! Also, I’d love to go to one of those CX30 classes with you sometime… let me know if you have any planned next week!

      • Glad you’re enjoying the food diary. i’ve been using one for 5 years or so. Weighing out food is a good idea too. Teaches you to recognize portion size. I have a food scale that I use for meats and snacks (1oz of chips is WAY smaller than I thought!). It’s a key to maintaining weight but just good idea for staying healthy too.

        Protein will def help keep the pretzels in your desk and not in your hand. But just remember that too much of anything eventually turns to fat. We know carbs do that, but we forget that protein does too. Read a little here…

        Atkins sounds great at first (monster steak covered in cheese? yes please) and people see lots of results, but it’s mainly because their body is burning off their fat to make up for the lack of carbs. Sadly when you’ve run out of fat (finally skinny, yes!), you start to burn the muscle you work so hard for (boo). Less muscle = lower metabolism. And we all know where that leads.

        Man, you’d think I was a nutritionist or something…. Funny how I’ll spend an hour commenting on your blog and looking for articles to share instead of grading papers. Maybe I need to rethink this career thing?!

        Usually hit CX30 on Monday at 5 and Tues at 7:35. Not ideal since you should have a rest day in between but can’t make it to the Thurs class consistently enough to count on it. Just shoot me an email/text if you want to join and i’ll give you the yay/nay on my plans.

    • Um…looks like I’m getting a tiny bit too much protein lately! The side effects of:
      1. constipation
      2. seizures
      Scare me. Is it weird that the constipation one might scare me more? Ha!

    • I LOVE that you know all this nutrition stuff… maybe you could do a side gig? Who likes grading papers anyway? Not.this.girl.
      (that’s why I try and pawn them off on Sarah!)

      I’ve always thought about getting a food scale but I think I’d be prettttty disappointed on how little portions should actually be. My vet suggested getting one for Derby… maybe we can share?

      I thought I’d see you at cycle tonight- you need to come next week! I’ll definitely join you for the CX class sometime soon. Obviously I need someone to tell me what to do in other areas of training, because I’m not doing all the strength on my own!

      • i always say if i hit the lotto then i’ll quit and be a trainer/dietician. guess i should start playing huh? either that or marry up…hmm time to go buy some scratchers!

        man, wish i had someone to pass off the grading. student teacher anyone?!?

        food scales are really cheap and you’ll be more shocked than disappointed. you’ll find out why that “handful” of pretzels showed up on your thighs! before too long you’ll get really good at eyeballing portion sizes. and you can feel all culinary-like with that shiny gem sitting on your counter!

        i was planning to hit up cycling but had to go get my bridesmaid dress fitted. i’d rather have been sweating. oh i was wrong about the cx class. they changed the schedule on me so it’s on M,T.F,S. Needless to say, i was a little bummed to show up tonight and discover it was no longer happening. got a training question, just ask!

  3. zone perfect bars are yummylicious, but don’t break the bank, and chobani greek yogurt is FANTABULOUS. oh, and good for u. ZG actually says, eat protein at every meal to keep cravings at bay. that works too, dude.

    oh and nice bird dress top thing.

    and hellz no, i don’t get dressed unless i have to. much less, dressed UP. pbbbt. crazy white gal.

    • Chobani is amazing. My favorite are the two that are highest in sugar, of course. This week I’m trying to eat plain greek yogurt with mix-ins like pumpkin and stuff. Not as good.

      86 grams of protein today! It’s definitely helped in stopping my snacking- eating more protein and way less carbs. It’s harder to plan for though…and way to easy to reach for a bag of pretzels or something.

      Glad I’m not the only one not dressing in normal clothes on weekend days 🙂

  4. I am very lucky that my job has a casual dress code so I wear jeans to work everyday. As soon as I get out of work I change into my workout clothes, otherwise I put on my fat pants. I have to feel comfy when hanging out at home. I have more sweat pants than one woman should ever have, but I don’t care. I love them.

    Right now the hubby and I are really into watching Breaking Bad on netflix. Have you seen that show yet?! It is really good!

  5. Cougar Town was taken off the fall schedule but never cancelled. So it will be back, just no idea when. Probably when some of the new shows starting up for winter fail?

    I have a protein shake after I work out. I like Pure Protein cuz it’s like 21g of protein, low carbs, and only 140 calories. So it’s not like you’re having a 300 cal shake. And sometimes I just make half or 3/4 of a shake depending on if I ate myself silly that day.

    Oh, and I NEVER wear normal clothes if I’m not leaving the house. It’s yoga pants and a tank top. My pants also come directly off when I get home from work. OFF WITH THE PANTS!

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